Four Essential Purchases You’ll Be Making If You Are Getting Married


Whether you spend a lot or a little on your wedding, getting married is more than just the material part of the day. It is also about the spiritual part of two souls becoming one, and your friends and family coming together to celebrate that event. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the more material parts of it either, especially all the fun shopping. So read on to find out what some of the most essential items are that you will need to buy.


It is traditional for most brides to wear a garter when they get married. Some wear them because they like to adhere to the tradition of the day. Others make sure that they are blue in color so they can keep to the old ‘something blue’ rhyme. Others choose to have a garter on because of the hilarious task the groom has of removing it. As well as the even more amusing scrum that the male members of the wedding party get involved in, when trying to catch it!



That means it is fairly likely that a lot of people will get to see your garter. So you want to make sure that you get one that you like and reflects your style as a person. That is why it is is one of the most important purchases you will need to make before the wedding.

Your Dress

Of course, the most important purchase before the big day for many brides is their wedding dress. A wedding dress is so much more than a piece of clothing, In fact, it is a symbol of this major transition from being single to being committed to marriage. That is why people often put so much time and effort into finding the right one.

A common piece of advice that a lot of brides hear is to make sure you try them on before you decide on a style. This is because it can be all very well and good to have a certain type of dress that you want to wear in your imagination. But in reality, it is better to pick on that look great on your figure.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Another important purchase before the wedding day, are dresses for the bridesmaids. Although these aren’t quite abs vital as the bridal gown itself, they still have an important part to play in the wedding.

They symbolize membership to the bridal party, and also act as part of the decoration with they are made in the colored so the wedding.

Buying bridesmaids dresses have been revolutionized by the internet. As now you can get them online from stores like Alana Vivi and your girls get to try them on the comfort of their own home.


Lastly a crucial purchase before your big day is some makeup. Many brides push the boat out when it comes to makeup and perfume for their wedding day, because they want look and feel special.

Some even choose to have their makeup done by a professional makeup artist. While others do their own with higher end brands that they have purchased specially for the occasion.


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