The Four Stages Of Mastering Makeup

As any makeup fan knows, the skills you need to become proficient do not always come so easily. Like any form of art – which makeup is, hence the professionals being called makeup artists – makeup takes time, effort, and understanding to be able to do well. And that? That doesn’t come naturally.


That’s why most women will have gone through an evolutionary experience to get to the point they are content with how they can do their face. You’ll definitely recognize some of these steps on the long road to makeup mastery!


Phase One: Everything. All At Once. All The Time.


The first tender steps of makeup experimentation tend to begin full of enthusiasm and excitement. There’s just so much stuff to play with; so many different ways that you can change your face! So many different products calling for your attention! So many different colors!


So you go for it. You go for it with wild abandon, layering on the mascara, not bothering to blend your foundation into your jawline, adding an extra couple of millimeters to your lips… it’s all just about playing around with the possibilities. The fact that the end result doesn’t do anything for you is pretty much irrelevant; you’re having fun!


Phase Two: Refinement


Eventually, you begin to start seeing the glitter and shimmer available as not perhaps the best look for the office. The heady need for change begins to pale, and you begin to refine what you know.


Encouraged along by beauty advice on the likes of YouTube and Fashionista blog sites, you learn the skills of enhancing and emphasizing rather than just layering on color because you like it. You see it looks better, and your ways are changed forever.


Phase Three: Underplaying


Of course, it’s possible to go too far in the other direction from phase one – and this begins to happen as you mature. Your makeup technique is no longer about being bold, taking chances or being playful; it’s about fixing flaws, making you look better.


You begin to stick to the same products you have used for years, rarely deviating to sample the newer offers available to you. You hit pan on the eyeshadow you know will provide a graceful contour without standing out too much. You invest in your tools to get the best results. You look good, but it’s also a little bit… well… samey.


Phase Four: The Return Of Experimentation


As you move into your 30s, the excitement of your early days begins to return. More secure and confident in yourself, you’re more willing to take risks with color – only this time, you’re going to make sure you can apply them well. A little glitter here and extra shimmer there, toying with finishes, experimenting with new products – all backed by the skills you have been practicing for years.


There’s nothing wrong with being a little adventurous with your makeup. Embrace the desire for a bold eyeliner, but revel in the fact that you at least know how to apply it now. This is by far the most enjoyable stage, mixing skill with experimentation, and you’ve finally conquered the art once and for all.

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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

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