Four Ways Exercise Has Improved Your Life

The first few months on an exercise regime are tough. Not only are you getting used to fitting a visit to the gym or a casual workout into your schedule, but you’re constantly having to motivate yourself to stick to your goals and not throw in the towel. No one said that keeping up with regular workouts was going to be easy, but just to keep you motivated, here are a few ways that exercise has already improved your life

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You’re less stressed

Exercise is an excellent mood booster, and it’s a great way to clear your head after a tough day. As a result, you’re probably less stressed than you were before you started working out. Think about it; every time you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, you have an outlet for all your pent-up frustrations, and you’re usually too tired after a workout to obsess about the little things. Either that, or you’ve gotten some clarity on your problem thanks to an intense workout that involved some deep breathing. Ultimately, you’re able to sleep at night because you’re not as stressed as you were before.

Your energy has improved

Before you started exercising, your energy would start to crash in the last hour of work if you were lucky, but usually you would start to droop around lunchtime. Exercise can boost oxygen and blood flow around your whole body – more specifically, your brain – thus keeping you energised throughout the day. This is another side effect of feeling more relaxed; in the past, you might have tensed up towards the end of the day due to stress, restricting the flow of oxygen to your body and making your feel tired. Now, you probably breathe deeply and sit up straight, helping the oxygen to boost your energy.

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You’re more confident

You probably got into exercise to improve your body image in some way. When the hard work starts to pay off, you feel your self-esteem improve whenever you look in the mirror. But regardless of how much weight you’ve lost, you felt more confident when you saw yourself improving in speed, endurance, and strength every time you hop on the treadmill or the yoga mat. Every time you master a new routine in your dance class, or score a goal for your new team, your confidence grows and changes the way you feel in your everyday life. Yes, the improved body image was probably the main goal, but the improved confidence alone would be worth the effort.

You don’t get sick

We all know that one person at work who is always sick. You rarely see them come in for a full week, and whenever a bug goes around the office, you know who is Patient Zero. But when you exercise, you improve your immune system which can help reduce your risk of catching an illness from your colleague. As a result, you miss fewer days at work, and you don’t fall behind on your deadlines.

How else has exercise improved your life?

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