Four Ways Telemedicine Could Transform Your General Health

Let’s be clear, we are all looking at ways to ensure that we stay in good health. But for some of us, we can often ignore niggling issues or concerns due to the fact that we don’t want to visit a doctor. It may sound crazy, but with long waiting times for appointments, knowing that often sometimes these niggling concerns and symptoms come and go, you can feel like it could potentially be a wasted appointment. Not to mention the inconvenience of actually coming out of work or leaving your home to attend a doctor’s surgery. So how can we be proactive with our health and not ignore smaller symptoms which could result into long-term problems in the future? This is where telemedicine could provide the answer. I wanted to share with you some of the types of people this advancement in technology and communication could help. Resulting in better general health care for all.



Older people


Not all elderly people are still mobile and on their feet, but yet, a good percentage of them still want to live independently and in their own homes. Of course, you adapt the home to suit their needs, but if something was to trouble them where they started to feel unwell, then what? This is where telemedicine and internet access could transform their lives. Being able to communicate with a doctor and share their concerns could ensure that treatment is given far sooner than it would have been if you were waiting to attend an appointment. Even waiting for someone who had the time to transport them to the appointment made. This gives family and friends the confidence that any elderly relative or friend living independently can still access the health care professions they need.


People who live in rural locations


While internet is improving in some of the most rural locations, living in the countryside has many benefits, but being cut off from the world in situations like severe weather could mean that access to a doctor would be difficult when you may need some advice or communication. Again telemedicine can help to make the communication between a doctor and patient instantly.


Parents of smaller children


Many parents will agree, that if their child starts to develop worrying symptoms the first thing they do is call the doctor to obtain an emergency appointment. While this can work, it can be extremely difficult to get somewhere if the child is young or if you have other younger children with you. Telemedicine could help put a parent’s mind at ease in regards to some of the common symptoms they can all face. While allowing emergency action to take place if it is needed.


People with busy workplace commitments


Finally, some of the world’s worst culprits for not visiting doctors even when they feel unwell are men and women with busy jobs. Putting their career before their health because of meetings and commitments in the workplace. Telemedicine enables quick and easy contact for busy people, ensuring that if health care is needed, that they are aware of what to do and when.


I hope this has encouraged you that the advancement in telemedicine could help so many people including yourself in the future.

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