Fruity Beauty Must Haves: Grapefruit


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Grapefruit is not just good for your body on the inside, but it is also good for you on the outside. Not to mention it’s a fresh, bright and vibrant citrus fruit (like oranges and lemons).

Grapefruit is packed with Vitamin C, which is great for collagen production, aiding in tighter, younger looking skin. There are products that contain grapefruit to take care of you from head to toe. Here are my picks!


Gud From Burts Bees Red Ruby Groovy Products

Wash and conditioner your hair, wash your body and lotion up with the bright scent of Ruby Red Grapefruit. Gud is cruelty free and has no parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals. All products from the line retail for $7 each. You can find at Walgreens, Walmart, Target,, Ulta and many other places.

Neutrogena Oil Free Cleansing Wipes

If you have acne prone skin, pink grapefruit extract will work wonders to remove dirt and oil in one simple wipe! Neutrogena Oil Free Cleansing wipes contain 100% naturally derived pink grapefruit extract to unclog your pores. The fresh scent of pink grapefruit will brighten your day. Carry these in your purse, backpack or gym bag for cleaning on the go! You can get 25 wipes for $7.49. You can find at CVS, KMart, Kroger, Rite Aid and Ulta.

Citrus Clear Grapefruit Acne Spot Treatment

Zits are sometimes like aliens. They pop up out of nowhere. Send them back to their leader in no time with Citrus Clear Grapefruit Acne Spot Treatment. This spot treatment contains salicylic acid and 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract and vitamin C for fast acne elimination and clean pores. Just a dab a little on the spot and watch that booger disappear.  The one oz tube retails for $12.99. You can buy on their website

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