Gamechanger: Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

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New from Simplehuman, the brand that creates tools for efficient living, is the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror.

This mirror really made me sit back and think about what I have used over the past decade to groom my face and apply makeup, and to be quite honest I’m ashamed.

10 years ago, I had a CarmenGirls fold-able mirror. I don’t know where it came from, I don’t remember buying it. It has 1x and 5x magnification, and while it has a light, it was green toned and my oldest son used to steal the batteries out of it to power his wii controller. So a majority of the time, I was using whatever light was in the room to apply makeup. This mirror is the reason I wore the wrong color foundation for 2 years.

In 2011, after reading a review on another blog, I purchased another mirror, Jerdon Classic 5x Fold Mirror. It has features like cool toned lighting, 4 color correcting lighting selections (never understood this option to be honest), a folding back stand (that broke after 6 months), and side mirrors to create a panoramic view (am I applying makeup, or taking photos with this thing?) I’ll admit, my makeup skills improved after using this mirror, but after the back stand broke, using became a chore, and I opted to using the mirror in my bathroom to apply makeup, or simply not apply makeup at all.

Simplehuman, is a gamechanger. This is going to be a review of pure gushiness because I swear, this mirror is everything.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Features

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First, let’s talk about mirror construction. It is on a stand, made of stainless steel. This makes the mirror sturdy, reliable, and the aluminum metal finish makes it edgy, yet chic (like my computer). Simplehuman is cordless, so you can move from one room to another effortlessly, no cords, no clutter, no problem. It features a precise curvature for distortion-free optics – even around the edges. The ultra-clear, high-quality glass backed by high-purity aluminum coating provides superior reflectivity and clarity. The mirror is also adjustable by height, and mirror tilt.

The next feature that we should talk about is the sensor. The sensor is very simple. When you get close to it, it automatically comes on, giving you instant illumination. All you have to do is hit the power button one time, after you have removed it from the box and fully charged it. From then on, every time you get close enough to activate the sensor, the light will come on. The only complaint I have, is if you get too far away, like say you drop something, the light will pop off. That is not a big deal because it will come right back on if you get close enough to trigger the sensor again.

The lighting is tru-lux light system. At 600 lux and with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90, the tru-lux light system is more than twice as bright and more closely simulates natural sunlight than the next best. The light is true, the light is natural, cool toned and white. It’s perfect for plucking those tiny eyebrow hairs and keeping your mustache at bay.

Never change a light bulb again. This mirror features a LED light that performs like new after 40,000 hours. That means you can use it an hour a day, for over 100 years. So either this mirror is being passed down a few times, or it’s getting buried with me. I prefer the latter. Simplehuman is rechargable via USB, so one charge allows you to use it 15 minutes a day, for 5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS.

My thoughts

I am in love with this mirror.  Using this mirror is like being blind for a really long time and wearing a pair of glasses for the first time. You can see everything so clearly. Everything is magnified, so you are able to pay attention to detail. I can now pluck my brows effortlessly. My eyeshadow is applied and blended perfectly. I am winning thanks to Simplehuman.

Simplehuman comes with a five year warranty, USB charger, and a lens cloth to keep your mirror shiny clean!

Simplehuman has three mirrors available. Two are available on Simplehuman Sensor Mirror, which retails for $200 and Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror, which retails for $130. It will land in select Sephora Flagship stores September 2014. Both of these mirrors are also available on, including the Wall Mount Sensor Mirror.

I promise, whether you get the mini or the full sized mirror, if you value your makeup routine, or your brow plucking or any other facial hair grooming, this is going to be worth every penny. Remember, you are getting 100 years of use from one mirror.

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