Geek Chic: RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank Review

 RAVPower Power Bank

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Every pretty geek needs pretty tech accessories right? What’s bigger than a lipstick but more powerful than the blot tissues in your handbag? RAVPower Power Bank.

When I was in New York a few months ago on a special project, the one problem I had was keeping my cell phone alone. Hundreds of miles away from home with little to no communication with my family sucked. Being out with my friends and colleagues and not being able to take photos sucked.  There lied the problem, and here’s the solution.

RAVPower works with most mobile devices with a DC 5V input. That means your iPad, iPhone, your Samsung and many other mobile devices. It’s lightweight at 2.56 ounces so it will fit in your pocket, your backpack, or your handbag. It also comes with a belt clip to attach to your belt loop.

The power source is automatic, on when you plug it in to charge and off when you unplug. RAVPower also comes with a flashlight (because you never know) that works in three modes: high and low beam, and strobe. There’s a little button on the bottom of the charger to cut the flashlight on and change the modes.

Most importantly? It comes in a wide series of cute colors. I have the gold one but you have the option of purchasing the gold, silver, pink, black or blue. And the price? $19.99 on Amazon.

Overall I love this charger. I use Spotify a lot when I’m on the go and it’s a total battery drain. Not to mention my addiction to Candy Crush. Using the RAVPower gives me 6 more hours to keep my phone alive.

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  • Capacity 3000 mAh

  • Input DC 5V/1A

  • Size 4.25”x0.87”x0.87”

  • Weight 2.93oz

  • Flashlight mode high/low/strobe





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