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Maybe it’s me, but didn’t summer just begin? In my neck of the woods, school starts back in less than a month, and you can just about guarantee that it’s about to start in your area as well. Take advantage of the back to school shopping deals via I want to introduce you to the site, why I like it, and how I use it.

Introduction is the leader in digital coupons that connects brands and retailers with consumers like us through web, mobile and social media channels.  There is a selection of over 2000 brands composed of grocery, drug and mass merchandise retailers. There is a wide selection of ways that you can utilize the coupons found on the sire as well-printable coupons, save to card coupons and e-coupon codes.

Why I like

I’m a mother of five kids, so it’s safe to say that I need coupons for just about everything to save a little money here and there. I like because I can load coupons straight to my Kroger card, I can print coupons when I go to other retailers, and when I want to shop online, I can check and make sure I am not missing out on any deals from my favorite retailers like, Sephora, Ulta and Old Navy (love shopping there for children’s clothes). is a convenient one stop shop for all my bargaining needs.

How I use


When I need to take a trip to the grocery store, and I know what I want to buy, I check for the latest coupons and print them out. Today I needed to make a quick drugstore run to get some more shampoo and Febreeze so I went straight to the personal care section and found some good deals on Febreeze, Pantene, and Olay. You hover over the coupon you want, click ‘clip coupon’, and the coupon will drag itself up to a section where all of your coupons are stored. When you are done clipping, just hit ‘print coupons’ and everything will be sent to your printer.





When I want to make an online purchase, I click on the ‘coupon codes’ button and use the search bar to enter the name of my favorite store. In this case, I want to look and see what deals Sephora has, so I search Sephora and hit enter. Now I see a full listing of all Sephora’s deals for the month of July. I plan on spending $25, so I’m going to use the code that gives me a free deluxe sample with a $25 or more purchase.


Back to school codes and giveaway


Make sure to check out for everything you need when you want to save a little money. Also make sure to stop by and enter the Back to School sweepstakes at and check out their back to school sales. They have some good sales from brands like Levi’s, Sears, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Best Buy and Norton.

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