How to Get the Perfect Plait

Perfect for rainy days at home or special occasions, plaits are the ultimate versatile hairstyle. With so many different plaits to choose from, this simple hairstyle can be cute and artistic, elegant and stylish, or wild and eye-catching.

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on the classic plait. Read on to learn the five simple steps that are required to create one of the fashion world’s most timeless hairstyles.

    Tie your hair in a ponytail

Start by tying your hair in a ponytail. The tighter your ponytail, the closer to your head your plait will begin. Get as close to your head as possible for a tight, modern plait or loosen your ponytail (you can remove the elastic later) for a classic look.

If your hair is wet, towel or blow-dry it before you start plaiting. Plaiting wet hair isn’t a great idea as it will loosen and lose its shape once it starts to dry.

    Divide your ponytail into three sections

Split your ponytail into three even sections using your hands, and hold them each in your hands. Start with two sections in your right hand and one in your left, with the palm of your right hand facing away from your head.

Each section of your hair will form a part of your plait, so make sure they’re about the same size. Two big sections and a small one will create a plait that’s loose and lopsided, so don’t be afraid to start again if your sections are uneven.

    Turn your right hand over

Turn your right hand over so that your thumb is against your neck and the section of hair that was on the right side is now in the middle. You’ve now switch the direction of the middle and right sections, creating the first part of your plait.

    Repeat on the other side

Hold the right section of your hair steady in your right hand and use your left hand to grab the middle section. You should now have two parts of your ponytail in your left hand and one in the right, with the middle and right section reversed.

Repeat the same movement using your left hand – flip it over so that the left section of your hair is in the middle. From here, you can return to the right side and repeat the same steps, then return to the left side, and so on.

    Fasten and enjoy your new look

Once you’ve run out of hair to add to your plait, fasten the end of your plait using an elastic tie or hairpin. If you’d like a loose, natural plait, you can remove the elastic tie you used to fasten your hair at the beginning of the plait.

If all of this sounds too complicated, don’t despair. You can always save time with a fish tail plait from Hershesons, which offers the same excellent look as a real plait without the five-step preparation process

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