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Summers here and that in itself is something to be celebrated. The longer days and the warmer weather makes everyone that little happier and life just that little sweeter. However after endless months of covering up, it’s not always easy to just immediately transition from our cosy jeans and oversized jumpers, straight into our little shorts and summer dresses.


Therefore if you’re feeling a little self conscious and unprepared for the flesh that needs to be revealed in the warmer months, follow our tips to get your skin looking fabulous, so that you can confidently step into summer.


Starts With Hydration


It’s natural over the colder months to gravitate towards warm, comforting drinks. However most hot drinks contain some level of caffeine which can dehydrate us, over the months and leave our skin looking a little dry. Therefore the best place to start for glowing and healthy skin is by drinking lots of water. You should be aiming to drink two litres of day, more if the weather has been particularly hot, and you should be committed to drinking this amount of water every day over summer (and all year round) to keep your skin looking hydrated and fresh.




Our skin is naturally drier over the colder months, so before stepping out, bare legs and all, into the summer months, you will need to give your skin a good exfoliation to get rid of the dead, dry skin in order to reveal the fresh, more youthful skin below.


If you already have an exfoliation wash, then give yourself a head to toe exfoliation session, in the shower, or alternatively you can use an exfoliation glove. If you don’t have either of those things you can make your own home recipe, simply consisting of sugar, olive oil and a little dollop of soothing honey. Mix it all together, apply to wet skin and then wash off thoroughly to reveal glowing and delicious smelling skin.




Then of course comes the all important moisturisation part. We should be using a lighter moisturizer in the summer months to ensure that we are not clogging the pores and are allowing it to breathe in the hotter months. Look for a natural body lotion that works with your body’s natural PH level so as to be gentle to skin and not too thick to absorb. The best time to apply body moisturizer is in the morning so that your body can feel the benefits throughout the day. It is also best to apply body moisturizer to damp skin to lock in added moisture.


Face moisturizer in the summer months should also be different to the moisturiser that you are using in the winter. Firstly is should have a SPF sun protection integrated into it to protect your face from the sun and again it should be lighter than winter creams in order to let your skin breathe. If you are a lover of the sun and summer skin then add some bronzer or self tan to get that natural glow, without damaging your skin, that will give you that extra confidence to face the summer months, head on, with beautiful glowing, summer ready skin.

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