Getting "Dotty" With She’ Nail Polish

she polish

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Hi everyone!  Hopefully if you’re reading this, you’ve survived both the Thanksgiving food coma and Black Friday stampedes!

This is a bit late, but this year, I am very thankful to be posting again (many many thanks to Aprill for everything!) and sharing my love of polish with all of you <3

She’ Nail Polish’s tagline is “Colors That Brighten Up Any Mood”.  Even though my repeated protests of being a nail artist, I found myself in a dotty mood while swatching!

white chocolate

White Chocolate is a glossy white creme.  Like many white cremes, this one was tricky to apply.  When it comes to whites and pastels, take care to try to apply the polish with as few brushstrokes as possible lest you swipe off more than you apply.  I laid out a thinner first coat then two thicker coats afterwards.

leave me

Leave Me is a unique army green.  What makes Leave Me so unique is the pigmentation…it’s not like a traditional creme where the pigment is evenly dispersed throughout the polish, but has pigment particles suspended resulting in a subtly speckled finish.  This polish required three coats for opacity.

New York
New York is a glossy mauve purple creme.  This has the best application of the three…it is opaque in two coats.

Even though my favorite nail cleanup brush has a dotting tool, I rarely ever used it for nail art applications.  I initially got this at a Pensacola, FL Asian nail supply as it was highly recommended for French manicure due to the curvature of the bristles.  This can be found on Amazon, or you can use a toothpick or even a sharpened pencil for dotting.

Leave Me over New York dots on a White Chocolate base


New York over White Chocolate dots on a Leave Me base


Leave Me over White Chocolate dots on a New York base

She’ Polish can be found here and retails for $6 each.  She Polish is made in the USA, 4-free (formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and DBP) and not tested on animals.

Hopefully you’ll get dotty with me soon!

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