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When I was in New York back in November, I got to check out one of the newly designed Rite Aid stores.  Not only do the new stores look awesome, but there were a few new brands that I was not familiar with, and this was on of those brands. Girlactik Beauty is a company created by Galit Strugano, a Hollywood makeup artist.

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The selection of products is nice,  though I’m not a fan of the foundation/concealer range, but there was one product that caught my eye. Girlactik Beauty Sparkle Eye liner in the shade Champagne.


Beauty Sparkle Eye Liner is a two-step application process, first you apply the Black Star Base which is a black colored cream liner that helps the glitter adhere to the eyelids.  Then you dab the glitter on, making sure not to attempt to blend, because that will make the glitter fall off. The key here is DABBING.

Black Star Base



The cream liner is very smooth and creamy and easy to pick up and apply. I used an eyeliner brush to apply the liner and went immediately went to use the glitter.

Champagne Glitter



 Champagne sparkle is a fine milled, rose gold colored glitter. While it picks up easily, it does not adhere to the black liner as well as I thought it would. Most of the glitter fell off after dabbing it on, not to mention all the fallout from the excess glitter that falls off the eyeshadow applicator (I used the little foam one that came with the set). As you can see in the photo, you can still see the black liner. I think using black liner as a base for such a light gold was a bad idea. White would have been better.


Eye with just blackstar base applied at the lashline


Dabbed with glitter. See how the black base is still visible?

Now sure there are ways around this, like using another brand’s product made specifically for adhering glitter to the lid and lashline. You could also make a mixing medium with glycerin and water. Or you could always apply lash glue to the lashline and adhere the glitter but come on, for the price of this set, there should have been a better way to adhere the glitter included in the kit.

Girlactik Beauty Sparkle Eyeliner retails for a whopping $20. Pick this up on their website, or check it out in select Rite Aid retailers.


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