Give Your Eyewear A Home With OYOBox (Review And Giveaway)


Let’s talk about eyewear for a second. I don’t have a huge stash of glasses and sunglasses, but I’ll admit that I do not have the few pieces I own in a very responsible place. So what do I do with my eyewear when I’m not wearing it? Wait for it….

Under my desk is an once empty Glossybox…filled with eyewear. Horrible I know.

Every year, an average of 32 billion dollars is spent on eyewear and the average person owns at least 6-8 pairs of sunglasses and readers. There are storage solutions for other precious items like jewelry and even cosmetics, why not eyewear?

“We created the OYOBox to bring each eyewear collection into the light,” said Luba Stark, OYOBox Co-Founder. “People love to switch up the look of their frames to suit their daily style. Eyewear is investment and we believe that consumers should be see and enjoy their glasses on a daily basis.”

OYOBox allows consumers to stylishly organize their frames in the same attentive manner that jewelry has long been stored. More functional than tossing frames in a drawer, and more convenient than ransacking every bag and nook & cranny searching for your sunglasses, OYOBox makes housing an entire collection effortless. Equally matching the beauty of its functionality, is the unique aesthetic appeal of the design.



OYOBox is handcrafted from wood and seven layers of lacquer for strength and durability, it is a very heavy box. OYOBox dimensions are 14.5 x 7.5 and it has the capacity to hold 8 frames. OYOBox opens and closes via stainless steel ball hinges. There is a see through, shatterproof top window. Open OYOBox to reveal a creamy leatherette interior. The underside has a soft, velvet texture. OYOBox was truly crafted with attention to detail, making it a stylish case that can be displayed in your bedroom, closet, foyer or office.




I love the overall look and feel of OYOBox. It sits perfectly in my closet, allowing me to pick my eyewear with ease as I get dressed. I received the Burgundy OYOBox and the color is so rich and reminds me of mahogany. I love that the box came with a portable eyewear case, so I can pick what I want to wear for the day, Drop them in that case, drop the case in my purse and go.

The OYOBox is a must have for everyone that wants to store their eyewear in style.

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OYOBox retails $250 and can be purchased online and at Neiman Marcus nationwide. There’s also a smaller version of OYOBOX which holds 4 pieces of eyewear, OYOBox Mini and it retails $165.

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