OPI Natural Nail Base Coat Glitter Off Review, Photos, Before and After


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Glitter nail polishes can be a gift and a curse. They are beautiful, sparkly, shiny, and they are the ultimate accessory to every wardrobe. Problem is, removing glitters can be a pain in the butt. Acetone is very drying and damaging to the cuticles and nails, and non-acetone removers are a headache. You literally have to grind it off. Like any other girl, I’m grateful for nail innovations like the FOIL method, and Cutex Spa Formula remover, but I like my options. So here’s another one. OPI Glitter Off.


(two coats of OPI Glitter Off, one coat of OPI Teenage Dream)

OPI Glitter off is not so ingenious in concept as it is in mass production. See a few years ago, right after the FOIL method was introduced, a nail blogger discovered that using Elmer’s Glue works wonders as a base for glitter polishes. You just brush it on, let it dry, apply the glitter and voila!  When you’ve had enough, you simply peel it off.

OPI (0.5 fl. oz.) is a milky colored base that smells JUST like white glue. The brush is not as wide as a pro-wide brush, but it’s semi-wide which makes for easy application.  You just brush it on and let it dry, then apply the glitter.


(peels right off!)


(after all the glitter has peeled off)

Removal is just as easy as application because they just peel right off. Ok well, peel is an understatement because some will just pop right off. This is not a long-wear solution for glitters, only lasting about a day. But for that special one night only, ‘I have to wear this glitter RIGHT NOW’ solution? Yes, you want this base.

OPI Glitter Off Retails for $9. Find it everywhere OPI is sold.

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