Glitteryglossy Fix My Beauty Blunder: Curling Iron Burns

curling iron burns


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Admit it, you have burned yourself a time or two with a curling iron. I’m guilty as well. Curling iron burns are the result of misjudging the distance between hair and skin, accidentally letting it slip out of your hand, or you were in a hurry.

Curling wands took the place of flat irons in popularity, increasing the likelihood that you may accidentally burn yourself. Curling iron burns tend to leave red, raised scars in the least convenient and hardest to treat areas. So how do you handle the burn and keep the scars at bay? Keep reading for some handy tips!

Wet a washcloth

Put the ice down! I know putting ice on a burn is tempting, but this actually causes more harm than good. Run a washcloth under cold water and apply to the burned area.

Treat this like any other burn

This is no different than sunburn or bumping up against a hot object. Once the area is cool and clean, use Neosporin Neo To Go! to relieve pain and kill the germs. Then apply a little aloe vera gel to reduce inflammation.


After a few days the burn will start to dry up and form a scab. Keep that area moisturized with some shea butter.

Treat the scar

By now you should be fully healed! It takes no longer than a week or two for a tiny burn to heal. Depending on your skin type, that burn may leave a scar. There are many scar treatment creams on the market like Scar Away, Mederma, Bio Oil and Palmers specifically designed to reduce the appearance of scars. Apply as directed until the scar fades.

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2 thoughts on “Glitteryglossy Fix My Beauty Blunder: Curling Iron Burns

  1. Jamie Sanders

    I just started using a curling wand in the past couple months and I totally burned my shoulder! It was SO PAINFUL!!


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      I have an epic scar that was on my face (2 inches long). I had to work hard to get rid of that scar.


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