The “Soaper” Powers Of Glycerin Soap


Even with fashion week on the horizon and the push of fall trends, summer aint over. It’s still hot, and your skin is still at risk of being dry, itchy and irritated. Your soap may smell great, but does it have that one essential ingredient you need to maintain moisturized skin? Let’s talk about the powers of glycerin for a second and check out this new soap that’s to be released soon.

Powers Of Glycerin

  • Pulls moisture from the air and deposits it on the surface of your skin
  • Makes the skin softer longer
  • Promotes elasticity
  • Protects skin
  • Aids in healing wounds

Van Der Hagen gentle glycerin soap unleashes all the powers of glycerin all packed in a cute plastic container.  There are four scents available, and to be honest with you, the scents are self explanatory.

Van Der Hagen soaps clean thoroughly and rinse clean. Best part? These soaps are cheap at $2.99 a bar. You cant beat that!  I will update with availability soon!






Free of all colors and fragrances 🙂




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