For A Good Cause: Redeem A Coupon, Give Shower Goods To A Family

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Did you know that families in America are not just struggling to purchase food, but also household goods like soap and shampoo? A 2013 study conducted by found that of those surveyed who were unable to afford basic household goods, 55% reported skipping shampooing and 33% reported bathing without soap.

That is a heartbreaking statistic when you think about it. So what can you do? Redeem a coupon. High Ridge Brands (the maker of Zest, Alberto V05, White Rain, Coast and Rave) recently announced that consumers can help the company donate up to three million showers-worth of soap, shampoo, conditioner and other essential items to impoverished families across America by simply redeeming coupons.

From now until March 15, 2014,  for each coupon redeemed, High Ridge Brands will donate one shower’s-worth of product to Family-to-Family’s, “Shower To The People” program, a program that will distribute items to local social service organizations.

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