Gravitational Pull: Attracting Audiences To Your Blog

When starting a blog, you’re consumed with excitement that you’re finally going to take the plunge and enter into the online world. You want to share your ideas, your tips, how you live your life and what your thoughts are on the future. The initial few months are drenched with enthusiasm and the good vibes you get from the small community you have amassed. As you go one further and beyond six months or so, you get accustomed to the number of views, shares, likes and comments you’re getting on your blog. You look around at other similar bloggers, and they seem to be getting more traffic going their way. A little doubt may set in, and you can begin to question the quality of your content. This is a fruitless road as more than likely, and it’s not you. The online consumer world is just as important as the real world and attracting an audience is not something to be taken lightly.

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Becoming an influencer

You’ve seen this cultural phenomenon by now, random and somewhat average people have suddenly garnered a huge following online. The reviews community and or culture online, has taken social media by storm. Many consumers are unsure what to buy, there are so many products and services to choose from, it would be helpful to have a torchlight showing you the way. That’s where the now termed ‘influencer’ comes in. By simply reviewing a product, using it and testing what it was designed to do, gives the audience a better understanding of what they might be getting if they were to make the purchase. If you’re wondering how to get more traffic onto your blog, and thus more ads and revenue, this is one route you should definitely consider. The great thing about this sub-culture is that you don’t have to be lavish. Even small items that you test and write your conclusion about will put you in the same search result category.

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Gravitational pulling

As there are so many bloggers all over the world, sometimes the simple fact is that image is everything. Content consumers who are in the midst of browsing the web will automatically and almost as a reflex, gravitate toward the profile with the largest subscriber count. On social media having a large following will act as a gravitational pull to onlookers who may not even be interested in the particular subjects, you write about. Consider increasing your follower count overnight with, and see how your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and or YouTube presence could be enhanced. Imagine if you share your blog post online via Facebook, getting likes and shares on not just the post, but your profile page as well will boost you up the line of a group. The bloggers in similar fields might have a larger user interaction base which you can study from and utilize the same techniques to boost your outreach.

Rest assured there are many techniques you can utilize to attract more content consumers to your little place on the internet. Getting used to treating your website and or blog as a business is something that takes time. Above all else, focus on your content quality and the audience will flock to see what you have to say the more you do.


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