A Guide To The Handbag Of Your Dreams


If you love fashion, then you love bags. The two go hand in hand. You can’t have a good outfit without a good bag, although you can have a good bag without a good outfit…if that makes sense.

Your bag can enhance your look, contrast your look, make a statement; anything you want. By choosing the right bag you’ll look more styled and professionally put together. Your bag doesn’t even have to match your outfit to look amazing; it can be a statement all of its own.

Having a statement bag in your wardrobe is a must this year. It doesn’t matter whether this is a brightly colored bag or something with a pattern on it; it needs to stand out. Going for something in shades of orange could be a good idea, as this color is set to be huge in the coming months. Whether you choose a statement clutch or a statement every-day bag is up to you, but on the catwalks, these bags were seriously oversized. Perfect for taking with you on a weekend break!

Heavy metal bags have also been popular. Bags on the catwalks were adorned with things like studs, chains, and metal tassels, all helping to add texture and interest. Wearing a bag like this with a girly outfit will definitely contrast your look in just the right way.

Super mini bags have also been spotted on the stars – bags you can just about fit your phone in, but look super cute nonetheless. Take a look at the following handbag shapes to find your new season handbag!


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