Hair Removal By Nair: Get Smooth For Summer In Three Simple Steps


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I have no problem admitting it I’m hairy. My arms, legs, armpits, MY FACE!!! Everything is hairy. I use razors, and while I don’t really have a problem with them, I get a nick every once in a while and not only is it painful, but it leaves little scars and scabs and no one wants to look like that during the summer. I used to use Nair, but the smell of relaxer deterred me from using it. Nair is back and better than ever with two new products for the body and face. Nair Brazilian Clay Spa Total Care Body Trio, and Nair Brazilian Clay Spa Total Care Face Trio. The hair removal was always great but has the smell changed? Let’s see!


The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Face Trio ($13.99) is the first three step depilatory for the face. It is a three step process:


1. Pre balm, which coats the skin to decrease dryness and irritation.  The pre balm reminds me of a concealer. It twists to dispense product and dispenses easily. The balm has no smell and the texture reminds me of vaseline. It has mango butter and vitamin E to protect the skin.

2. Hair removal cream, which you apply as soon as you rub the balm in. The packaging reminds me of a huge tube of lip balm- it’s doe foot and plastic. It squeezes out easily. The smell is very Nair-esque (read: smells like perm), but it is not as strong as the original Nair hair removal products. I left the cream on for seven minutes, and wiped it off with a wet washcloth and POOF! My mustache is gone!

3. Moisturizer- You will forget all about the smell of the hair removal when you apply this! It has a very nice and gentle smell to it.

In conclusion, the face trio did the job! The balm prepared my skin, the cream removed the hair and the moisturizer brought my skin back to it’s normal pH levels. You can use this product on the upper lip,chin, neck and hairline areas. I would not recommend using it on lashes or brows. This was facial hair removal made simple.

IMG_2027 (2)

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Total Care Body Trio ($13.99) is a three-step in shower depilatory system that includes Shower Power technology so that it works while you are in the shower. It, like the face trio is an easy three-step program to long-lasting smoothness.


1.Pre-wipe- contains mineral oil and chamomile to protect and smooth your skin before applying the cream.  I’m a tad disappointed that you only get two wipes, which means that you can only remove body hair as directed two times. I think four is a fair number for the price, considering you can get 16 uses out of the face trio.

2.Hair removal cream- you apply this after using the wipes. It smells like a lighter more fragrant version of the original Nair.  It contains emollients that are resistant to water so it will be a little harder for this to run off in the shower.  Apply the cream outside of the shower using the sponge or the spatula. Do not rub it in and wait about one minute before entering the shower. Depending on how thick your hair is, it can take up to three minutes.  Test an area with a wet washcloth and if the hair removes easily,wipe the rest off.  I showered as normal after removing the hair and Nair and the smell was minimal.  Rinse your applicator off with water and let it dry, and close up your jar until you need to use it again!

3. Moisturize- this unscented gel contains aloe to soothe the skin and other chemicals to balance skin ph and moisturize the skin. It applies easily and left my skin soft and smooth.

Overall, I can give Nair credit for making necessary changes in their formula to the scent. It also seems to work a little faster than the old formula. My armpits, arms, legs and bikini area is free or hair and silky smooth. You cant ask for much more!  Get summer ready with Nair!

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Body Trio-1Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Face Trio

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