Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine: Fragrance Review

halle berry exotic jasmine

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Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine is the newest (and sixth) fragrance to be released from Coty. Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine is a sensual and modern fragrance inspired by Jasmine. It looks like Jasmine is becoming the hot note for the fall?

The bottle looks just like Halle Berry Closer, just a different color fragrance and floral accents running down the back of the bottle, and a light purple cap. Otherwise, everything is the same.

Top notes include violet and neroli, middle notes of  jasmine and plumeria, and a white cedar and musk dry down. The scent is light, airy, floral and musky.

My problem is, it’s almost a little too airy and light. The scent is barely there once it dries and I think I hate jasmine, because that’s all I smell when it’s completely dried. So for me, this fragrance is not going to work. Plus, when it dries, it’s not very strong, and it does not last long on the skin. Give or take about 4 hours.

Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine is available in a 0.5oz EDP ($17) and a 1.0oz EDP ($28) and a body mist ($8.99). A shower gel and lotion are available, but only in the sets. It’s available at most drugstores and mass retail merchants. Find more information at the Halle Berry Fragrances website.

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