It’s Happening: Phillip Lim x Nars Nail Lacquer Collection (Fall 2014)


After working together backstage for 14 seasons, NARS and Phillip Lim make it official: They are going steady and their love child will be born August 2014  in the form of a 9 shade nail lacquer collection.

Keep your eyes open though because you may catch a preview of it today at the show. I’ll update with a photo if I run into one!

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6 thoughts on “It’s Happening: Phillip Lim x Nars Nail Lacquer Collection (Fall 2014)

  1. Brandy

    Agh I need a photo of this!!


  2. Brianna G.

    O.O I’m not sure my heart can handle this. It’d be SUPER awesome if they collaborated on some new eyeshadows/lipsticks/blushes, too! I think then my brain would just explode.


  3. Rebeckah Leatherman

    I love your name! The Fairy Glammother! How fun! So nice to visit you today : ). Love, Becky from Life with Kaishon


  4. Ayesha Siddiqua

    I love your sites name… and your name too. Checking your site out and liking you everywhere.


  5. Caitlin Edmon

    Oh my gosh that sounds wonderful! I hope you’re able to get a photo!! I agree with those other two ladies, love the name! (Stopping by from SITS! We’re in the same tribe! Also following you on your social media!)


  6. Cheers! Cristalia

    Can’t wait to see the collection!!! 🙂


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