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Statistically, this is the time of year (February) that New Year Resolutions have been forgotten. That promise to lose a little weight, or try something new, or stop smoking is no more. It does not have to be that way though.

One of my most important resolutions is to make better use of my time, especially when it comes to my hair. I went natural back in September and now that my hair has grown out a bit, I have a hard time keeping it maintained and my curls defined. So my biggest goal of this year is to find hair care products that will define my curls, and provide less maintenance. I stopped by CVS and picked up a few good hair care products, like Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls and Jane Carter Solutions Hair Nourishing Serum. Totally loving Pillow Soft Curls because it makes my hair super soft and my curls last for days (it also smells really great). Hair Nourishing Serum keeps my hair shiny and soft!


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45 thoughts on “Happy New You Challenge + $50 Gift Card Giveaway

  1. Ashley

    my beauty resolution is to start from within! still working on taking my vitamins, eating better, and drinking water


  2. TatyanaJenene

    I said this year I would wear more make up and I haven’t worn it once yet. I blame the snow.


  3. Lisa Brown

    i have no goals for my skin this year


  4. Heather ツ

    I need to get a Summer skin care routine down, I feel like I have my Winter skin one but need something I’m happy with for Spring/Summer.


  5. Julie Wood

    I am making sure to clean my face every night and put on a good night cream and wear sunscreen every day and try out new makeup to get a new look!


  6. Janet Watson

    My goal is to wear a moisturizer with SPF every day of the year to protect my skin.


  7. Laurajj Jacobson

    My beauty resolution for this year is to get a good skin care routine and stick to it! My skin gets so dry during these so very cold months.


  8. Elena Istomina

    My beauty resolution is to use sunscreen daily


  9. AmandaSakovitz

    My resolution is to have silkier hair. I’m going to try some different products.


  10. nicole dziedzic

    My resolution is to overcome my psoriasis, I need much healthier skin, too dry, and to wear SPF moisturizer more.


  11. steve weber

    My resolution is to not sit out in the sun so much.


  12. kelly

    My resolution is to use an SPF lotion daily and I am doing well with it.


  13. HS kraftmaking

    Mine is to apply sunscreen daily, I’m keeping this one so far.


  14. Cindy Aiton

    My beauty resolution is to hopefully take control of my skin issues (adult acne & eczema). My dermatologist has done all he can do so my next step is an allergist. I am currently waiting on an appointment. Wish me luck!


  15. Sean

    My beauty routine for 2015 is to drink at minimum one gallon of water daily to moisturize skin since I live in very cold weather. I’ve done it so far!!!


  16. latanya t

    Take better care of my hair. I have started deep condition again.


  17. susitravl

    To not let my roots show – so far, so good!


  18. Cheryl

    I didn’t make any beauty resolutions for 2015.


  19. Dawn Monroe

    My resolution was to take better care of my skin and drink more water. I’m doing ok with those but my quit smoking and lose weight isn’t going to well.


  20. krissie

    my beauty roesolution is to get rid of al my acne marks and also find a resolution to stop getting har breakage


  21. Diane Stephens

    To try to work on these old age wrinkles I’m starting to see on my face!


  22. Michelle Salais

    My beauty resolution was to drink more water and wear a primer with sunscreen on my face everyday.


  23. Natalie

    My beauty resolution is to apply sunscreen every day I am outside even in the winter!


  24. JDgrandma

    My beauty resolution is to drink more water. I haven’t given up my goal of drinking six to eight glasses a day.


  25. Amy Orvin

    My beauty resolution is to get rid of a dark spot on my face. I am still sticking to it and it continues to get lighter and lighter everyday using Porcelana.


  26. Lori

    My beauty resolution is to drink more water and slow down more. I want to enjoy the moments and not rush


  27. Allison Downes

    I want to try out different makeup and hair styles, as my resolution.

    Thanks for the chance to win this


  28. Leigh Anne Borders

    I am working on taking more time to get ready and doing different things with my hair.


  29. paleface

    I haven’t given up just putting if off for a month or two..


  30. Tonya Atkinson

    To make sure I look nice at all times. To keep myself dolled up. I have been sticking to it


  31. Kelly Gordon

    My Beauty regimen is to drink lots of water and exfoliate weekly


  32. Bre

    to drink more water; I could do better


  33. Wanda Tracey

    My Beauty Regime is to cleanse my face,exfoliate, and moisturize with a cream that also has SPF.


  34. Georgia Hatheway Beckman

    I really need to start taking care of my skin. At 50 years old I am starting to show signs of wear. So more daily skin care for me.


  35. jill

    I would love this


  36. amweeks

    I never really thought about making a beauty resolution. But it’s a good idea. And I guess my ‘healthy resolution’ of drinking more water can actually count…since it’s good for my skin, too! And I’m doing okay with that one.


  37. jules1968

    I am drinking more water so important and I am wearing more sunscreen..


  38. Meegan

    I am drinking more water and moisturizing frequently! And I am really sticking to it!


  39. jalapenomama

    My beauty resolution was to use moisturizer more.
    I’m doing well with it.
    form name Barbara Montag
    thank you


  40. Laurie Murley

    I’m still working on my solution


  41. Alison H

    My beauty resolution is to keep my hands off my face! I’ve struggled a little with breakouts but so far I’m doing okay.


  42. Stacey Roberson

    My resolution is to take better care of my skin. So far, I have washed and moisturized my face daily.


  43. Lisa T

    I’ve been trying to drink more water. So far so good!


  44. Kayte CookWatts

    I have been trying to streamline my skin care routine. I think I was over treating my skin, making things worse. I have my night time routine to wash, tone, and 1 serum. I used to treat with at least 3 more products nightly.


  45. Betsy Barnes

    My beauty resolution for 2015 has been to improve my facial nighttime routine by cleansing and moisturizing every night. So far, I have only missed two nights, was sick in bed with a nasty cold. 🙂


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