Hard Candy Makes Fragrance Affordable Again With Pink and Black EDP and Body Mists

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Back in July 2017, Hard Candy Cosmetics expanded their family by adding fragrances to their cosmetic line-up- Hard Candy Pink and Hard Candy Black.  Both fragrances come in two formulas- body mist, and EDP. Both fragrances feature a mood-boosting blend of fruits and musks, making them gorgeously scented, and affordable. 

Keep reading to hear my thoughts, and to discover how much they cost. The price tag is shocking!

Hard Candy Black EDP Review 

Hard Candy Black EDP is a fashionable fragrance that combines floral, fruit and sugar to create a fun, sophisticated, sensual scent. Hard Candy Black starts off with notes of kiwi and mango upon the first spray. The blend is tropical and exhilarating. As Hard Candy Black begins to dry down, you can smell notes of quince (if you’ve never smelled quince before, it’s very deep and sweet, like a blend of pineapple and a sweet orange) and vanilla. This fragrance mellows down to a sugary blend of Iris and warm Amber.  Hard Candy Black EDP lingers well on the skin. The body mist is a great companion for touch-ups during the day, or to spray on your bed linens.

Hard Candy Pink Body Mist Review 

Hard Candy Pink Body Mist is a fashionable fragrance that combines the elements of freshness and warmth. Upon the first spray, you can smell notes of fresh, sweet tangerine and passion fruit. As Hard Candy Pink dries down to its middle notes, you can smell pink peony and jasmine. As the fragrance dries down to it’s lower notes, you can smell sugared vanilla and musk.

My thoughts 

I’ll start off by first admitting that I love Hard Candy Pink more than I love Hard Candy Black, but they are both equally phenomenal fragrances for the price point. I can see these fragrances doing well with young women or fragrance aficionados like myself that have a profound appreciation for fragrances with vanilla notes. Layer them, wear them alone, either way, you’ll smell great.

Pricing & Availability 

Hard Candy Pink and Hard Candy Black are available in 1.7 fl oz EDP ($12.97), 8oz body mist ($6.98), and a gift set that includes the EDP, body mist, and lipstick ($19.88). Available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide.

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