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Haus Urban is a skin care brand where natural technology meets apothecary style design. I got the opportunity to e-meet the founder of the brand, Hassan Sayyed, and try a few skin care products from the line. Hassan was nice enough to answer a series of questions to help you become familiar with the brand! Keep reading below:

Tell me about Haus Urban.

Haus Urban began out of pure necessity. Having been on an extended break from my performing career after a major injury, I started rehearsal for a show and my body decided to revolt (including my skin). I started mixing up all natural remedies in my kitchen to get me through my run of this musical, and my cast mates began requesting items. After doing some research I saw a need to cater to the skin care needs of the pro performer and that no one else was doing it, so the adventure began!

How long have you been in business? Where is Haus Urban based?

We officially launched in September 2015, and we’re proud to say that we’re based in Harlem, NY.

What is your best selling product? What makes it so great?

So far our best selling product is the Super Swing Muscle Soak. The bulk of our clientele are triple threat performers in Broadway shows or National tours. An 8 show week is brutal on the body and recovery is key. Inflammation is what leads to soreness, so the Haus Bunnies reach for Super Swing and it’s super charged blend of botanicals to combat that, improve circulation, and get better sleep at night.

Hypothetical question: A customer is not satisfied with a product or service, how do you handle it?

For us, unsatisfied customers are some of the most important kinds of data we can receive. We do our best to communicate with the customer, figure out where the breakdown occurred and make it right. We ask a lot of questions.

Any plans to expand your brand? Are new products on the way?

Haus Urban is sort of like Disneyland in that it’ll never be finished. There are always new things on the horizon. This season, we’re launching a new body butter for men called “Daddy”, and “Quick Change”, a more natural approach to micellar water for when standing at a sink is a no-go.


Haus Urban Double Time Facial Toner, $16

Haus Urban Double Time Facial Toner

I have outlined the importance of a toner in your skin care regimen over and over again. I even showed you how to make your own toner because some brands have toners full of trash. This is not that toner. Haus Urban Double Time Facial Toner is a gentle, but powerful toner that cleanses without irritating the skin. The toner did an excellent job picking up the residual dirt and dry skin that cleansers tend to leave behind. My skin was soft, supple, and smelled wonderful. I was left wishing for a moisturizer with this same, warm, citrus aroma.

Haus Headshot Hydrating Face Oil, $40

Haus Urban Headshot Face Oil

Haus Urban describes Headshot as ‘the closest you’ll get to liquid gold’ and boy is it the truth! Headshot Hydrating Face Oil is an oil that works like a serum to deliver intense hydration, restore elasticity and firmness while improving cell turnover. Headshot is light in texture, non-greasy and incredibly hydrating. This facial oil contains Daikon Radish Seed Oil which is ridiculously high in vitamin C and gives the skin an incredible glow.

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