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One thing you need to do right now? Get in front of a mirror and appreciate your beauty. We’ve all got our imperfections, our less than glorious looks – and that’s just something we should celebrate. We’re all beautiful in our own way and even though that sounds like something that everyone says – it’s true. It’s just a shame that Instagram culture has highlighted perfect forms of the human figure – because nowadays, we judge ourselves against the very highest of bars (and even then, they are heavily edited high bars). It’s unfair, and that’s why you need to appreciate your looks and how you are! You’re an individual, and that, my friend – is perfection in itself. There’s only going to be one you!


One thing we tend to focus on in beauty is the face – and here’s the truth. Nobody’s face is perfect. Look at Ryan Gosling’s face for example! What makes these people beautiful isn’t necessarily the looks – but also the cultural capital they have built up through their time on screen and the personalities and confidence that can be seen in them. We look for perfect symmetry, but these icons of beauty – or perceived beauty – are hardly symmetrical. We’re simply making up things as we go along – so stop worrying about your looks!


However, the face is important – and we need to look after it and not just for beauty reasons, but more so that our most outward facing skin is healthy! If we focus on one portion of beauty, look after the face. When we think of skincare for the face, we tend to think of a number of areas. Suncare, skincare, hydration – those type of areas. These are all very important, and one shouldn’t take a priority over another. Suncare is especially important in the summer, for obvious reasons – but also because the sun can do some really serious and irreversible damage to the skin. Simple suncare can be found in suncream in the quality products that CVS and Neutrogena are putting out. Seriously, protect your skin from the sun.


There are plenty of products out there for you to use when it comes to hydration and general skincare. Some of the best options are DIY though. We can make charcoal rubs to rip blackheads from our skin quite easily with some activated charcoal and water. However, one of the better options is a honey face mask. There are some seriously great honey face mask recipes around, and it’s a perfectly natural substance – which makes it even better. It has antibacterial properties and is generally a good thing to slather on. What’s more, it’s better for your budget than ready made options.


Daily care through simple moisturization be it from cocoa butter or baby oil is also necessary to lock hydration into our skin. This is the simplest task we can perform, but keeps our skin young, healthy and fresh. Working in the other routines – like face masks and suncare is also useful – and necessary. Focus on your face for some true beauty!

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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

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