Healthy Changes That Can Improve Your Professional Life


When reviewing ways to become a better business owner, supervisor, or employee, most will look to career development concepts like participating in training, going back to school, asking for more responsibilities, and working on their weaknesses. Though these are all paramount in developing yourself as a business professional, one can only go so far in their career when they’re not physically and mentally healthy. Making efficient choices when it comes to your health ultimately helps you to become better personally and professionally.

Reduce Workplace Stress

Stress and work go hand in hand. Whether you’re doing something you love or you’re just doing a job to pay the bills, the amount of stress you’re under can have an adverse effect on your performance. Too much stress can lead to high blood pressure, poor concentration, workplace accidents, strained familial relationships, slowed productivity, and the increased risk for substance abuse.

Though some stress in the workplace is required to put your best foot forward, when you’ve reached the point of self-medicating and addiction, the first step is to find help from a treatment facility such as Luminance rehab in Orange County. Next, determine what is stressing you out and find ways to remedy the problem. If you’re overworked, delegate more to your team or talk with your supervisor. If you’re having issues with a co-worker, talk with human resources about conflict resolution.

Stay Organized

While you may not have coupled organization with being healthy in the workplace, this tip is rather fitting. Cluttered, junky workstations harbor a lot. From dust bunnies, dirt, and pollen to germs, bacteria, and debris, there could be a lot lurking around your desk area. Keeping items on your desk organized and the surfaces cleaned and remedy a lot of those workplace bugs you get.

A disorganized workspace is also terrible for productivity. When you have to spend so much of your time looking for files, you run out of time to complete the task at hand which ultimately leads to unnecessary stress on the job. Organizing your desk reduces stress which keeps you mentally healthy, but it also rids the area of pollutants which keep you physically healthy.

Take Breaks

As much as you may love your job, taking breaks is imperative to your mental and emotional health. Too much time sitting, viewing screens, and inside of a building bring with it a ton of issues. Sitting frequently can cause obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, typing all day long can lead to carpal tunnel, eye strain, and headaches while being cooped up in the building all day can lead to depression, social isolation, and believe it or not, lack of concentration.

Throughout the course of a workday, take breaks a few times. A fifteen-minute walk around the parking lot can really do wonders for your brain allowing you to clear your head, take in some fresh air and feel replenished. You should also take days off. Whether you plan a trip or you stay at home and catch up on some rest, “all work and no play” is enough to ruin anyone’s emotions and physical well-being.

What happens to you professionally when you reduce stress, stay organized, take breaks, and follow other health tips in the workplace? You become a more focused, goal-oriented, productive worker who has an easier time of achieving professional success. You can’t take care of business if you’re not doing your part to take care of yourself. Succeeding professionally is less about your skills and talents and more about your emotional and physical ability to get the job done. If you’re having trouble in areas of your life that prevent you from adopting healthier practices, be sure to seek help to getting on the path to healing.


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