A Healthy Weight Has Nothing To Do With How You Look

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We read an article recently about a gorgeous girl in the shape of her life, only to find out her cholesterol levels were dangerously high, and it made us think. The reason people want to maintain a healthy body weight these days are almost purely for vanity reasons instead of health ones. But it is our health that is the most important thing in the world. It is what allows us to have a better quality of life and a far more improved quantity of life too.


As such, we have spoken to a few experts that work in health, fitness, medical and well-being, and asked them to explain what the major benefits are of maintaining a healthy body weight.

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The Risk Of Diabetes Drops

We are sure this will not be anything new to you, but those who are overweight are at a greater risk of contracting some form of diabetes, typically type 2. That is one of the huge benefits of maintaining a stable and healthy body weight. If you haven’t got diabetes, it will help you protect yourself from developing it in the future, and if you do have diabetes, losing weight will allow you to control better the influence it has over your life and your decisions. Diabetes can take over a person’s life; it can be so severe that you end up living with these limitations. But by losing weight, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, you will be able to take back – or maintain – control.


You Will Be Far More Comfortable

It is simple math, but the more weight you are carrying around the harder it is on your body. According to the experts at Arrowhead Clinic, who specializes in neck and back pain, the extra weight has been proved to cause harmful level of strain on muscles, joints, bones and ligaments. The reason for this is, they are required to work harder than normal to operate. Losing just 10% of this weight will have a huge impact on your body’s ability to move, recover, and prevent damage, which makes it an extremely motivating benefit.


Listen To Your Heart

Your weight has a direct impact on your heart. It doesn’t matter whether you are exercising, walking or even resting, your heart has to work harder when you are overweight. As such, even the slightest amount of weight loss will have a big impact on how much blood is pumped to your vital organs, which will ease the pressure on your heart and benefit your day to day life. It is a huge benefit of maintaining a stable and healthy body weight, because the less stress there is on your heart the less risk there is to your body.


Sleep Like A Baby

Body weight has been proved to have a direct correlation with sleeping patterns. In short, the more excess weight you have the worse you sleep, and everyone loves their sleep. The reason for this is, fat – and most notably belly fat – interferes with the way your lungs operate when it comes to sleeping because your fat gets in the way of each breath. So if there is one inspiring and motivating benefit to be had from a healthy body weight it is surely the chance to snooze and snooze well because, let’s be honest, we’re all happier when we’ve slept well.


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