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Keeping happy, healthy skin can feel like a full-time job in itself but throw in all the other little extras into the mix and you’ve got a lot to do in the morning before you even get out of the door. That’s why your hair routine needs to be simple, effective and super speedy.

You want great hair without too much fuss and some great products that will help you achieve your look. We bring some styling tips and products that are going to give you the edge, without taking up too much of your time.

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Home grown hair care

The best thing you can do for great, healthy, shiny hair is to look after yourself. Plenty of rest and water, a diet that isn’t lacking in any essential vitamins and minerals and exercise and you’re already ahead of the game.

Neglect your own health and your hair will suffer. You’ll notice it lacks shine, is dry and doesn’t grow as fast, or maybe even as thick as it used to. Sure, there are hormonal changes that can take their toll, but staying on top of your physical well being can counteract the worst of these effects.


You don’t need to wash your every day and some hair care experts will even say you don’t need to wash it every other day, but whatever works for you make sure it fits into your daily routine. If it’s too much to do everything in the morning, think about washing your hair in the evening before you go to bed instead.

Avoid combing your wet hair too hard, hair when wet is at its weakest and you can easily damage it. Use a wide-tooth comb and gently pull it through to get rid of any tangles without breaking hair.


When you find a product that works for you, stick with it until it stops giving you the results you need. Hair care experts recommend changing up products once in a while to avoid your hair getting weighed down by one composition of shampoo or conditioner.

Though it’s tempting to invest plenty of money in high-end products, there are some home-made options that come with no harmful additives and chemicals and might offer just the deep condition your hair needs. Consider creating a hair mask for your very dry hair made from mustard oil, curd and egg. A little messy but gets straight to the dry elements of your hair and begins to work right away.

If you’re looking for quick hair growth try coconut oil, olive oil and egg. A little gloopy but great for promoting new hair and entirely natural. You’ll be able to make up quite a large batch so make sure you have spare bottles to hand to store for future use.

When buying products, make sure to avoid anything that contains sulphates. For great conditioners and shampoos, look for products that contain oils, like Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner, that get your hair clean and also infuse it with essential minerals.

Feel great

Keep your hair healthy by having the ends trimmed regularly and avoid letting dry, split ends build up and damage the rest of your hair. Just a few centimetres every few weeks ought to be enough to keep it in shape.

Find out what the specific needs are of your hair and scalp, whether you have dry or oily hair or a scalp that benefits from a regular massage of essential oils. Don’t neglect either for overall hair health.

Having healthy hair and a healthy complexion comes first and foremost from taking care of you. Whether you need to start drinking a lot more water, finally get around to getting that medical issue taken care of, like a breast implant removal, or just eating a fresher, greener diet, your whole body and mental well-being will be on top form with some time spent looking after yourself.

Invest in some great, high quality products that make you feel and look special but don’t be afraid to experiment with some natural alternatives that are less harsh on the hair as well as the wallet. Make sure that, alongside your regular conditioning, you remember to apply a hair mask for some deeper conditioning once a week and have your hair trimmed regularly.

Finally, incorporate your hair care into a routine that works around your circumstances, consider not washing hair everyday or changing up your routine to give you more time in the morning. Stay healthy and you’ll have locks that turn heads.

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