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It is a really great time of the year.  The light at the end of the wintery tunnel is shining and we are starting to see the first signs of spring shooting up from the ground.  Mother nature is ready to do her thing, show of her beauty and shine brighter than ever.  So it’s a great time for you to do the same too!


The end of winter is the perfect time to give your life a beauty detox.   Some kick off the dreaded spring clean in their homes, but we are going to focus on spring cleaning your life.  Body and mind.

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First place to start is with a quick body detox.  All that comfort food from winter and the multiple christmas tipples is probably showing signs on your body.  So give your system a quick reboot with a 2 day body detox.  Start with an H2o day.  Whilst this might sound drastic, removing any pressure from your digestive system and sticking to just water or green tea for 24 hours is a brilliant way of helping to flush out toxins without adding new ones.  Start at bedtime for a quick 8 hour sleep cheat and you can end your H2o detox before bed the next day.  For maximum impact day 2 of your reboot should be a juice only day.  Pack loads of leafy greens, avocado for omega 3 and fruits into your juicer and enjoy one of these meal replacements up to 8 times on your 2 day.  When you have finished this body reset for 48 hours, don’t jump straight back into your old diet ways.  Take a week to gently build up the types of food you consume and, even better, stick to clean eating to help keep your hair, skin, nails and eyes beautiful and bright.


Get on top of your skincare routine by giving your body a good scrub up.  Exfoliate, moisturise and detox your pores.  Have a 48 hour make up ban on the weekend! Just make sure to use an SPF to keep those wrinkles at bay!


Increasing your social circle will also boost your inner peace. Finding friends who are a positive influence on your mood will give you a real glow. It’s simple to meet new people during your day, strike up conversations on the commute, in the coffee shop or at the office. With everything going on in the news there are loads of trending topics to get chatting about.

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Laughter will boost your metabolism, help you burn more calories and give you a healthier mindset which enable you to make positive and constructive decisions.  So don’t shy away from being social.  Make the most of the spring in everyone’s step and get chatting.


Improving your body and your mind the simple way, without faddy diets or lengthy gym sessions is a great first step to becoming a better version of yourself.  It really doesn’t take much to boost yourself on the inside and reap the benefits on the outside. So get to it.  You’ll be looking fly in no time!  


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