High Fashion On A Low Budget

High fashion items can burn a real hole in your bank account if you aren’t careful. That’s why budgeting is important, even when you want to look your best; there are plenty of tips and tricks for those who have a specific style in mind but without the immediate means. Here are the best ways you can look your fullest without straining your finances.


When some people see this word their heart rate skyrockets, but there’s nothing wrong with a budget if it gets you what you want. Use online financial tools and apps like Mint or Personal Capitol, both of which let you set budgets by category, watch your income and output, and set a savings goal for each week or month. While budgets and the tools for them aren’t the sexy sides of fashion, they can help you achieve your fashion goals.


Your phone is part of your style, but smartphones are often expensive if you buy them outright, then shop a provider afterward. Instead, get a feature-packed smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Not only is this a state-of-the-art smartphone, but it comes on a reliable, no-hidden-fees network. With a two year contract, you can pay as little as $30 per month for this phone which comes with a dual camera and a stylist for note taking ease.

Tailor and Cobbler

Hardly anyone has a tailor or cobbler these days, but a friendship with one of these forgotten artisans can save you a boatload. For instance, remember those boots you loved so much, the ones that you wore the soles off of, well, you needn’t replace your second pair. Next time they show detrimental wear, visit the cobbler and get them re-soled for a fraction of the price of a replacement pair. The same goes for worn jackets, pants — pretty much anything, if you know the right tailor.

Review Your Wardrobe

Before you even step out the door or get online for a shopping spree, take a look at what’s already in your wardrobe. This doesn’t mean a quick glance either, take time and dig deep. Make sure you know what you have so you’ll know what you need. You already know the look you want. Make sure the current items you already own that fit your vision are accounted for. Don’t drop $100 on a winter jacket because you’ve forgotten about the one you bought two years ago, but it more-or-less the same style.

Bridge Lines

While that Versace bag sure has some nice lines, $1,200 for a clutch just isn’t practical. However, the Versace line at H&M gets you the same brand your love, as well as that designer look, at a fraction of the price. In the industry, these are called “bridge lines,” which make otherwise out-of-reach products available to mass consumers. Other bridge lines such as Missoni at Target actually crashed Target’s website, while designers like Jason Wu, Vera Wang, and Michael Kors have all hopped on the bridge line bandwagon.

Your Worth

While fashion can be fun, even when done on a budget, always keep in mind that your worth isn’t predicated on your clothes, your phone or your makeup. While all of these complement your aesthetic, they are not who you are. As a person, you have your own worth and must identify when you shop for fun compared to when/if you shop away bad feelings.


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