Wet n Wild Coloricon High Waisted Jeans Palette Swatches And Review


The new Fall 2014 Wet n Wild Coloricon palettes are out and about at Walgreens. I stopped by one location and this was the only palette they had left in stock, so I picked it up. Luckily, I found the other two I wanted in another Walgreens location, so the review for Melrose At Night and Smoke And Melrose are coming soon.

High Waisted Jeans is a combination of blue, purple and silver shades. Shades include:

Wet n Wild High Waist Jeans

The base shade is a medium toned silver with a metallic finish. While this base shade is well pigmented, applying it involves A LOT of silver fallout. The more you blend, the more falls.

The browbone shade is a soft cool toned light blue with a satin finish. Pigmentation is great with no fallout.

The crease shade is a deep navy blue with a satin finish. This color does not pick up very well, you have to pack it on.

The eyelid shade is a deep eggplant purple with a matte finish. Pigmentation is good.

The definer shade is a medium toned blue with silver glitter and a satin finish. This shade is to be used as a liner, and it does well when applied wet.

Overall I am not in love with this palette. I did not care for the base shade because of all the fallout. To make matters worse, it is nearly impossible to apply the eyelid shade on top of the base. The more you pack on, the more the two colors blend together, and the more of the base falls out under the eye area.

Wet n Wild Coloricon High Waisted Jeans Palette retails for $3.99. Find this at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.  Additional palettes from this collection include Angels in Aubergine, Melrose At Night and Smoke And Melrose.




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11 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Coloricon High Waisted Jeans Palette Swatches And Review

  1. Amber

    So bummed! I’m not crazy about blue for me personally–but it seems like the recent WnW palettes are more misses than hits. I wonder what’s going on! I’m pretty hooked on their Comfort Zone palette, so I may just be spoiled in thinking they’ll all be that awesome. Thanks for the 411!


  2. Rachel Runyan

    Wet n Wild’s blues always seem to have issues. I stay away any of their palettes that are predominantly blue. It’s a shame. Also bewildering, since Comfort Zone is fantastic, and many of their other palettes are darn good. The inconsistency is strange.


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      I agree. The black and white palettes tend to get messy too.


      1. Rachel Runyan

        Yes, they do.


  3. My Makeup Collection

    That’s a shame, it looks so great in the pallette


  4. waymire

    I’ve collected and worn WnW for years. I find it’s best to just ignore the labels for placement the majority of the time. I wore this palette as a smoky eye, the definer shade on the inside and outside of the lid, the base shade in the middle of the lid, the browbone shade on the inner corner and matte brown and champagne highlight from my Milani brow kit in Light on the crease and browbone. It was gorgeous. I don’t wear a lot of blue but the colors in this palette are so beautiful, muted enough to be wearable for just about anyone. You just have to treat them as individual shades and don’t try to wear them all at once.


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