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I’m slightly obsessed with fresh, clear, healthy skin. Personally speaking, I no longer struggle with my skin thanks to establishing a skincare routine and choosing products that work best for my skin type, but this may not be the case for my readers and let’s face it- everyone deserves to reveal their best skin. Better skin yields less product needed during makeup application, shorter application time and improved self-confidence.

But exactly how does one know the true quality of their skin? You could spend more time with an esthetician or dermatologist but if your skin is not in immediate danger, you may not be willing to shell out the costs associated with an office visit ($170 average amount per visit). You could let google be your guide, but with so many articles filled with bad skincare advice (hello lemon juice!), you could easily make a bad skin situation worse. Why not try one of the most innovative skincare products on the market a try? Say “Hi” to HiMirror Plus!

himirror plus

HiMirror Plus is a smart mirror that acts like a personal skin care consultant, providing you with a daily, comprehensive skincare analysis. Similar to HiMirror, it takes a photo of your face and gives your skin a score based on dark circles, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, complexion, pores and red spots, and even moisture levels.

HiMirror Plus is the mirror for the skincare obsessed, and the proof is in the features, creating a clear distinction between it, and it’s older, more conservative sister. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected mirror comes equipped with a camera and LED light strips on each side to personalize your experience.

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Getting started

Follow the simple instructions to mount, install and plug the mirror in for the first time. You will watch a video to help you become better acquainted with the hand gestures and voice commands.

Next, you will connect your mirror to WiFi, then set up voice recognition.

Then to the fun part, setting up facial recognition. Facial recognition is how you will sign into your HiMirror and it will also take your first skin measurement. Make sure your face is clean, makeup-free and your hair is pulled away from your face. You will get a 3-second countdown, and your photo will be taken, revealing your first skin index overview. All results are visible on your HiMirror and the HiMirror App.


In addition to the release of HiMirror Plus, the brand released HiSkin, a small, handheld device that analyzes the skin’s moisture levels. HiSkin’s design combines electronic and diffusion photon engineering to non-invasively analyze, detect and track cuticle moisture and pigment precipitation in five areas (forehead, eyes, upper cheek, lower cheek, and neck).

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My thoughts

I’ve been a proud owner of HiMirror for 10 months now. It was January of 2017 when I was given the opportunity to try the innovative device. Shortly after receiving the HiMirror, the brand announced the release of HiMirror Plus, and pre-orders began shortly after. Initially, I had no feelings towards the launch of HiMirror Plus because I had yet to get my feet wet with the original HiMirror. Since mastering the HiMirror for all it’s worth, upgrading to HiMirror Plus was a breeze.

Restaurant venue light setting


Sunny Day Light setting


Sunset light setting

The most notable distinction between HiMirror and HiMirror Plus are the lighting settings. HiMirror Plus comes with LED lights that simulate five different lighting scenarios: sunset, outside on a sunny day, brightly lit office, shopping mall, or restaurant venue. These settings will help you apply your makeup for the right occasion. HiMirror Plus also features a specialized lens and magnifying feature. Zoom in 3x for detailed makeup or skincare application.

In addition, HiMirror Plus expanded their memory to allow 6 people to log into the device. No one using it but you? No problem! This means you have more storage place to track your improvements over time.

If you are looking for detailed information about your skin, I would suggest the HiMirror + HiSkin. If you want just the basics, the original HiMirror will work just fine. Looking for skin analysis and perfecting lighting to apply your makeup? Grab the HiMirror Plus. Regardless, anyone looking to take their skincare to the next level needs a HiMirror.

Availability & Pricing

HiMirror with Remote Control retails $199
HiMirror Plus with Remote Control retails $269
HiSkin retails $49

Purchase by visiting himirror.com


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