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If you are reading this, you, like me, are getting older and your skin needs more love. Aging adds more tasks on your beauty to-do list like fading age spots, adding more moisture to your regimen and evening skin tone. 2017 is the year that you will be introduced to more futuristic skin care devices that aid you in achieving perfect skin. I covered three in a previous article, now I would like to introduce you to one of them- HiMirror.

What is HiMirror?

HiMirror is the world’s first smart mirror.  It is an innovative skin analysis tool that helps you recognize and identify problematic skin areas. In addition to pointing out the troubled areas, HiMirror also gives you suggestions on how to fix the issues, and allows you to keep inventory of all your skincare products to determine what is working and what is not.

Packaging, installation, and specifications

HiMirror weighs 5.5lbs and has dimensions of 18.97 X 11.18 X 2.00 inches. HiMirror is very large and a tad heavy.

You have the option to mount it on the wall or hang it on your bathroom mirror via command strips. I have a decorative oval mirror in my bathroom that is just about the same size as the HiMirror, and I do not apply skincare in my bathroom, so I chose to mount it on the wall in my office. It was very simple to do and more secure in my opinion (I have trust issues with command strips). From start to finish, installing the mirror took all of 5 minutes.

[notification type=”alert-danger” close=”false” ]Ensure that you install in a location near a power outlet. HiMirror’s power adapter has a short cord[/notification]

Getting Started

Now that you have the unit mounted, installed and plugged in, it is time to cut it on for the first time. You will see a white screen as it loads, then you will watch a video to get you better acquainted with the hand gestures.

Next, you will connect your mirror to WiFi, then set up voice recognition.

Then to the fun part, setting up facial recognition. Facial recognition is how you will sign into your HiMirror and it will also take your first skin measurement. Make sure your face is clean, makeup free and your hair is pulled away from you face. You will get a 3-second countdown, and your photo will be taken.

Skin Index Overview

My results

Now that you have taken your first photo, HiMirror will assess your skin’s clarity, texture, firmness, brightness, and healthiness. It rates your skin on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the best. HiMirror allows you to sync your HiMirror skin analysis results and solution data with your smartphone app, so you can get beauty information anytime, anywhere. It provides you with timely tips, including the weather and UV index.

Beauty Box

The Beauty Box is your skincare management hub, where you will scan the products you currently use, manage your skincare routine and discover the effectiveness of the products you own. You can scan the barcode using the mirror, or take a photo of the product with your phone and add them.

My Thoughts

If you have troubled skin that you are trying to manage, and you want to track results, HiMirror is for you. Being able to get a fair rating of your skin, keep track of the products you use and receive daily beauty tips is a huge plus. Also, if you are into K-beauty, you can create a daytime and nighttime routine using the k-beauty routine steps, which I thought was really cool.

I was not a fan of using hand gestures in the beginning, but after a few firmware updates, it has become effortless. After all, I’m sure there is a good reason why it is not touchscreen (wet hands and electricity don’t mix). I am not a fan of the radio, but I heard they will be integrating Spotify soon, which is awesome.

I also have to give that power cord two thumbs down, because it is so short, which could potentially limit where a user can mount the mirror.


HiMirror retails $189. The HiMirror & Smart Body Scale Combo retails $268 Purchase at


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