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Keeping yourself happy and healthy can feel like a full-time job  but throw in all the distractions that life sends your way and very often your own well-being slips too far down the list, way behind everyone else in your life. That’s why checking in with how you’re really feeling every now and again is vital to your overall sense of happiness.

We bring you some top tips for staying healthy, happy and well as part of your busy lifestyle.

Homegrown care

The best thing you can do to stay in great shape is to be intentional in finding time for yourself and taking your own needs seriously. Plenty of rest and water, a diet that isn’t lacking in any essential vitamins and minerals and exercise and you’re already ahead of the game.

One of the very best words you can employ to help you in setting boundaries in your life is the word “no”. Use it to turn down invitations to social events you really want to avoid. Use it when you’ve been asked for a favour for the umpteenth time by a colleague. The freedom in the word no will help you get the downtime for yourself that you need and help in placing your own needs first.

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If you’ve settled into a life routine that, for the most part, works but you still feel stressed, anxious and unfulfilled then it’s time to take a closer look at those aspects of your life that are making you feel this way and finding a way of either changing your routines completely or working better within them.

If work is a big part of the issue, find a way of talking to a friend or colleague or even your manager and explain what’s going on. No one should have to dread going into work, so be honest with yourself about how you feel and start making positive steps to address the issues.

You might feel that the symptoms to how you’re feeling are slightly more than you’re capable of dealing with, in which case always have in mind that your doctor or health care professional is only a call away for professional advice.

Your body

It would be far too easy to simply extol the virtues of diet and exercise and leave it there but our bodies are complicated and clever and deserve a little more thinking about.

In your busy life, how often do you really listen to your body? You may have health issues pressing on your mind, such as a breast implant removal or illness that you’re currently managing or it might just be that you want to help your body move more and feel healthier.

The key is simply acting on what you know your body needs. If you find yourself thinking about the views out to sea at your nearest beauty spot, take yourself down there and walk until your body feels done. Don’t be tempted to try and squeeze your exercise segments into activities that you don’t enjoy. Running or Zumba aren’t for everyone and the more you feel you should do something, the more you’ll find reasons not to do them.

Your mind

If you’re struggling to find a quiet place and time to have some down time, then consider creating a regular meditation session to your day, perhaps in the morning before work.

There are plenty of online resources to help out with this practice and so many benefits for taking time to sit and breathe properly. Many people also swear by mindfulness techniques. Similar to meditation in some ways, mindfulness asks you to sit in the place where you are mentally and emotionally, even if that can feel a little uncomfortable.

In our busy lives, dashing from work to home and picking up responsibilities in both it’s all too easy to overlook or deny that sometimes we’re not feeling our best. We don’t want to cause a scene or be a burden on anyone but this kind of thinking can lead to far worse problems later down the line.

Set aside some time to consider how you’re really feeling. Look at all aspects of your life from your physical to your spiritual health and see if there’s anything there that needs changing up. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about where you are and making the sorts of changes that help keep you, unique you, happy, healthy and moving forward. There’s only one you, so make time to put your own needs first, just for a change.

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