Hot Or Not? Rihanna’s New Grey Locks


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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, grey hair was a hot trend for middle aged celebrity white men. Then one day, an unapologetic pop star threw the middle finger up and the grey hair color down. She made a comment about Nicole Ritchie’s outfit during the Met Gala being sick (translation: CAYUTE!), and let’s face it, Ritchie’s hair stood out in that punk couture look. Maybe she was the inspiration for the new look?

So will you be copying the trend? Is there grey hair in your quarter life future? Check out these products if you want to color at home.

And don’t forget. Once your hair is styled and dried, when you take that first look in the mirror after dyeing your hair, you have to say #brrr. Rihanna would want it that way

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2 thoughts on “Hot Or Not? Rihanna’s New Grey Locks

  1. PCFashionista

    I kinda like it.


  2. Claudia - iliketotalkalot

    I could never do it. But Rihanna can rock most looks…and with a idontgiveaf*ck attitude. That usually goes hand and hand.


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