Hot Winter Boots, Three Lengths

We do not have long before winter creeps on us, and yeah, we’ve been wearing boots since fall but maybe it’s time to change our style up a little bit! If you have no idea what you are looking for, don’t fret. I’m here with a few ideas and styles and lengths to make you fashionable in the snow (unless you live here in Mississippi, where we see no snow).

Knee Length Boots


They are still hot and versatile as ever. The knee length boot with a flat heel is great because you can wear it with a pair of jeans, or rock them with a long skirt. We have to think casual here, and casual and comfortable is good!

Ankle Length Boots

ankle boot

Now these are perfect for me. It’s not that cold here in Mississippi (most days) , and an ankle length boot is great because I get the stylish look without my legs sweating to death. Ankle boots tend to be more affordable, because they require less material.

Calf Length Boot

calf boot

Calf length boots are not my absolute fave, because they tend to make the leg look shorter, but with the right boot that’s not a problem! Opt for a calf length boot with a heel so you don’t skimp on length.

What’s your go to length when it comes to  boots?

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