How I Wear My Michael Kors Watch

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…if I could afford one. But a girl can dream right? For the fall, Michael Kors introduces to you the Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch.   The City of Light-themed timepiece, slated to debut October 15, is the second in a series of destination-inspired watches following the New York version, which launched earlier this year.

“Paris has always had—and will always have—a special place in my heart. I have nothing but
fond memories of working there over a decade ago, and last year we opened one of our biggest
Michael Kors flagships on Rue Saint Honoré,” says Kors. “And of course, I love the Parisian
style! It’s glamorous, sporty and timeless—just like this watch.”


The dazzling chronograph, an adaptation of the best-selling Michael Kors Runway style, is
rendered in a rose gold tone and has a sporty masculine look. In paying homage to the iconic
city, the dial displays the edition number and the words “Paris” in script, while the case-back
features an etched graphic of the skyline with the Eiffel Tower at its center.

Additionally, the dial is embellished with a 2.5 mm diamond at the number-12 index, adding
a sense of jet set glamour to the iconic style. The Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch is
presented in a luxe brown collector’s box with a plush interior. A “Michael Kors Limited Edition”
plaque is nestled inside the box, elevating the exclusivity.

The Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch will be available at premier retailers and and will retail for $650.

A watch this beautiful deserves to be styled around some beautiful clothes. If I had to design a wardrobe around this watch, this would be it:

MK Timeless



MK Gold, Rose Edition_Bottle shot

And of course you need a bottle of Michael Kors new GOLD Rose Edition. With five floral facets, tuberose, pentally rose centifolia, muguet, glistening peony and gardenia, the spray-through cap is metalized in a shiny rose gold reminiscent of Michael Kors best-selling rose gold watches and accessories!!

If you own a Michael Kors watch, share how you style it on Instagram with the tag
#MKTimeless for a chance to win.
Good luck!


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15 thoughts on “How I Wear My Michael Kors Watch

  1. Risa

    That's a very pretty watch! If I had the bucks I would totally buy!


  2. Lisa

    Gorgeous watch, too bad it's out of my price range!


  3. Anthony

    Do they make one for men too? Or is it just women?


  4. Angela

    beautiful watch and I LOVE that dress!
    My recent post Under Armour #WhatsBeautiful


  5. Mzbrownshugah

    Great post! Love how you added the perfect hair to the outfit. Hair has to be right!


  6. Jamie

    Gorgeous!! Great post!!


  7. Angie Agerter

    So pretty! The whole post is pretty 🙂


  8. Richard

    Nice setup puddin'!!


  9. Nino

    Now I know what to ask for for Christmas!!!!


  10. Laura

    Very nice post! That hair color is HOT!


    1. GGGarbage

      thanks! Looks similar to mine 😉


  11. Nia

    That's a gorgeous watch! Too bad I'm poor otherwise I would sooo buy this


    1. GGGarbage

      awww 🙁


  12. RiTz HaZy

    Wow.. dat’s a damn nice watch..i wud love it if you comment bk on my blog..


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