How To Avoid Hangovers

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There are few things in life more arduous than a hangover. We’ve all had those moments in the evening where we know we are entering into the point of no return and know we should call it a night, but we are just having too much fun to care. If you are one of the unlucky ones that really suffers after a night out on the tiles, then follow our top tips on how to reduce the suffering on the day after the night before.


Line Your Stomach


A common error on a night out is not lining the stomach sufficiently. By not eating a good solid dinner before we head out we are starving our body of the energy and nutrients it needs to fight against the alcohol we will be consuming. By not eating enough before we drink our bodies do not have enough to soak up the alcohol and we will feel much worse for it the next day. So make sure you are having a healthy and filling meal before heading out on the town.


Alternative Drinks


Alternating a glass of water, in between each glass of alcohol, will mean that not only are you keeping your body hydrated, you are also going to end up drinking much less alcohol. Not sipping water throughout a boozy night is a really common mistake and a big contributing factor as to why so many people can feel so under the weather the next day.


Don’t Mix


Mixing the different types of alcohol, we drink in one evening, can also contribute to how bad we feel the following day. So try to stick with the same drink all night and not be tempted to mix up the drinks that you are consuming. Combining different types of liquor, wine and beer not only makes you feel much worse the next day it can also play havoc with your digestive system and have you running backwards and forwards to the loo the next day.


Hangover Cure


Sometimes we just have to accept that a night is going to be a little bit boozy and in these circumstances, prevention is definitely more effective than cure. To cure hangover symptoms before they’ve even started is possible by taking a hangover capsule that helps reduce the body’s reaction to the toxins in alcohol. These capsules help your body to stimulate the production of the enzyme ADH and the ADLH in your liver, which means that your body is fighting the dehydration and toxin damage which is what makes us feel sick the day after a night out.


A Hearty Breakfast & Rehydrate


If after all the above advice, you’re still waking up feeling ill, then there’s only one thing left for it. That is a big hearty breakfast. Enjoying a healthy and filling breakfast will be providing your body with some much needed extra energy and will help you to slowly recover yourself back to your former glory. You will also want to spend the majority of the day rehydrating your body with lots and lots of water until you’re feeling more sprightly.

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