How to Keep Your Feet Protected During the Cold Weather

Layering up with all the gloves, scarves, beanies and jackets in your wardrobe is no use if your toes still feel like they’re about to get frostbitten. Whether you want to keep warm on your commute to work or focus on enjoying a night out, keeping your feet protected from the outside elements is important.

When your feet get too cold, the blood vessels contract and can cause numbing, pain, and a whole lot more that you’re better off avoiding. The good news is that it’s easy to keep your feet warm no matter how bad it gets outside. With a few good investments and common sense, you can adequately protect yourself. Here’s how it’s done.


It should come as a no-brainer that socks are the first step in protecting your feet. Many people resort to wearing multiple layers. This may seem like a good idea, but it can actually cause harm in the long run. Layers result in more pressure and constriction in your feet, which can cut off blood circulation.

Instead, consider investing in a thick, high-quality pair of socks that only require a single layer to do the job. Ensure that these socks are also not too dense, as breathability is important – especially if you still want your feet to smell good at the end of the day. In the same light, opt for a moisture-repellent pair that can wick off any sweat that builds up.

Cotton may seem like a good material, as it tends to provide sufficient comfort, but it does come with some downsides. Cotton socks are bad at insulating heat and absorb moisture instead of getting rid of it. Wool, while slightly more expensive, is a vastly superior option that is better at repelling water and insulating without adding any bulk.

Because you’re probably going to be wearing a pair of shoes and pants that hide the socks, you can have some fun here and pick up a unique set of socks with whatever design and color combination you desire. They also make for great gifts during the festive season, helping you play your part in caring for loved ones.

The Right Insoles

While you’ve probably already thought about getting a good pair of socks, did you consider your insoles? There are many cold weather-ready insoles available on the market today. Those made of wool are especially good at trapping heat and reducing odor. The extra layer between your feet and the ground help make even the toughest shoes significantly more comfortable.

A Good Pair of Boots

No footwear is more stylish, functional, and season-appropriate than a pair of leather boots. Thick, grippy soles and water repellent, breathable uppers is the way to go here. Leather is fairly easy to maintain and shouldn’t require much TLC. But if you do see a hole, be sure to patch it up as the last thing you want is water to leak in as you walk.

If you’re looking for a solid pair of boots to last you through every winter, then these Dune ankle boots are sure to get the job done. Available in a variety of tasteful styles, materials, and sizes, Dune London’s boots are perfect for any woman looking to stay fashionable this winter without compromising on quality or function. Frequent discounts and fast, affordable delivery add even more value to your purchase.

Avoid Moisture

If your feet are wet, they will become cold and stay cold until you can dry them off. If you’re wearing thick socks, heavy boots, and long jeans or pants, it’s easy for any built-up moisture to hang around and cause problems. This is why drying your boots between wears is important.

Simply leaving them out to hang will do the trick. In the case of leather boots, it is better to avoid drying them near a heat source, as this will cause damage to the material. You can take things a step further by picking up some shoe protector spray.

These not only help reduce the buildup of dirt and stains, but it can also waterproof your shoes for some time. If you’re investing in a good pair of boots, it will pay off to take care of them.

Stay Active

Sufficient blood circulation is necessary for your body to keep your feet warm. If your toes start feeling a little chilly, move around a little to get your blood pumping again. Provided you’re not in the office, you can even perform a few jumping jacks or take a short jog. Nothing gets your heart working better.


So there you have it – keeping your feet warm and healthy during winter is far from difficult. All you need to do is pick up the essentials and take care of them as they serve their purpose. If you’re willing to do the jumping jacks, then you’ll be even better off than those whose feet will stay cold.

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