How To Make A New Home Feel Homey

Moving house is stressful, that’s a fact that’s undeniable. There’s no getting away from the fact that the process of moving house is full of stress. There’s the stress that comes with packing up your old home and all your belongings and moving them to somewhere new, then there’s the stress that comes with trying to make your new home feel as welcoming and warm as possible.


If there’s one thing that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to moving house, it’s the process of making their new home feel like home. Because the fact is, just because your new property is your new home, that doesn’t mean it will automatically feel like home. It’s normal for the whole family to feel a little unsettled at first.


The good news is that when it comes to making your new home feel like home, there are a few simple steps that you can take to speed up the process. Below is a guide to what you can to help ensure that your new property feels like home as quickly as possible.

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Unpack as soon as possible

If there’s one thing that will make the process of making your new home feel like home more difficult, it’s failing to unpack your belongings. Living in a property among boxes is never going to make it feel homey, so it pays to make the first task on your list unpacking your home completely. Take the time to do this and you should feel much more at home in your new property. There’s something about having familiar things around you that makes all the difference to how at home you feel.


It’s all in the details

When it comes to making any property feel like home, it’s important to remember that it’s all in the details. The fact is that it’s the little things that will make you and your family feel most at home, such as putting up family photos for instance. If you don’t have any frames that will match the decor of your new home, it could be worth purchasing some canvas prints of family photos to put up around your new home. Any items that you’ve always had around your home, from pieces of wallart to strings of bunting or fairy lights, put them up. When it comes to how homey a property feels, it’s all in the details.


Scents help

Something that a lot of people wouldn’t think about, is scents. Every home has a scent of its own, usually it’s linked to the products used in the house and the scents like candles that are used. So it’s a good idea to incorporate scents into your home, such as burning candles, wax melts, incense sticks, and reed diffusers, to help create a space that feels like home, incorporating familiar scents is important.

When it comes to creating a space that looks and feels homey, it will take time. However, the steps above should help you to do that more quickly, making your new property feel more homey.

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