How To Plan A Secret Bachelorette Getaway On A Budget

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You’re here because you need help on how to plan a secret getaway for the bride’s bachelorette party on a budget, how exciting! The below guide will walk you through a step-by-step guide of what you need to do to create a guest list, how to choose a location on a budget and the cost-effective details you can add to make a fantastic break away without the burden of a significant cost looming over you.

Meet-Up And Discuss

To begin with, you need to round up who will be attending the party and organize a meet-up for some much-needed brainstorming. This requires you to work in stealth mode to obtain contact information for the bridesmaids and the brides closest (relatives, friends, co-workers). Once you’ve gathered everyone’s mobile numbers, make contact easy between one another by opening a new group on WhatsApp. This will mean you’re not sending the same message over 5 different social media channels, and everyone’s readily available in one spot.

Send a group message explaining that you would like to meet up without the bride to be because you want to plan a surprise bachelorette getaway and briefly highlight the time of year you are planning to book the vacation for. Also, explain that you need everyone’s help because their advice and support will be valuable and mention again how important it is the bride to be doesn’t know what’s going on.

Once you’ve messaged everyone, you will get a better idea of who is able to attend. Following this arrange a meetup to brainstorm ideas on where you could go and what you can do to make the experience memorable. Keep a notebook handy to jot down everyone’s ideas so that you can revisit this after the gathering and start searching for the perfect destination. Keep in mind the focus of the getaway, which is to provide the bride to be with a fantastic celebratory experience before they are wed. Subsequently, avoid opinions of people who are only thinking about what they want to get from the getaway. If it’s proving difficult getting information out of the bridal party, ask open questions such as;

  • Where do you think the bride would like to go?
  • What do they tend to do for fun?
  • Have they ever mentioned something they’ve always wanted to do?

Following your meetup, you should have a few pages of ideas jotted down to pick and choose from in order to create a truly memorable experience for the bride.

Alternatively, if you feel as though it will be impossible to keep a secret with so many people close to the bride knowing, you could take it upon yourself to announce the destination and time you are planning to book it closer to the time you are expecting to go away. There are pros and cons for keeping it to yourself or telling the group; however, it’s for you to decide which option is best.

Choose The Location

To funnel down your search for the best location, take into consideration travel distances if the bride has children they may not want to be too far from them, and whether the bride is okay with transport such as flying. For instance, flying to Australia for a weekend may be a little overkill, as you’ll all be plenty jet-lagged on arrival and have barely any time to spend there having fun. Opt for places a few hours away in travel distance, to ensure the travel doesn’t take away from the mini holiday.

To keep costs low, use holiday comparison sites online to find the most competitive prices from multiple travel companies. Also consider renting a large apartment, house or villa from websites such as Airbnb to stay together. This will help to keep down costs, as buying separate rooms in the same hotel can be quite expensive. Further to this, make a point of avoiding expensive destinations, where the cost of having fun will outweigh the experience. If you are making a wise choice to stay in the USA opt for the least expensive bachelorette weekends away in places such as Las Vegas or Florida. Once you’ve found the spot, alert everyone on your group chat to get the official go ahead of who will be attending. Ask for each party to deposit some, or if possible all of their share to secure the chosen accommodation.

Tell The Bride’s Partner

If you are planning the getaway in secret, you will need to contact the bride’s partner and tell them about your plans. This way, they have the power to book holiday off on their fiance’s behalf and organize things in preparation for their bride to be on their side (passports, luggage). Plus unless you can afford to pay for the brides share, you may need to ask for help with funding the getaway.

Planning The Details

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The hen party has confirmed they will be attending, you’ve booked the budget-friendly accommodation, and you’ve made the bride to be partner aware. Now you can get stuck into the details that will make the bachelorette vacation extra special. Whether sourcing a restaurant serving delicious cuisine your friend will adore, booking tickets to a theatre show, or planning a relaxing yoga morning, followed by a spa treatment, planning in advance will help to keep costs low. Below are a few cost-effective touches you can add to the getaway which won’t break the bank;

  • Plan some fun hen-do games to break the ice, such as the guess who game (everyone writes something about themselves on a post-it note, and the bride needs to guess who it is).
  • Order a bouquet of the bride to be’s favourite flowers to the room she will be staying in
  • Have bottles of prosecco pre-ordered to your accommodation
  • Purchase hen-do attire (badges, veils, wands)
  • Create t-shirts with names on to wear at the airport
  • Ask for each of the guests to bring a concoction to make a cocktail, and host your own cocktail making party
  • Purchase a beautiful outfit for the bride to be to wear on a night out on the planned getaway

When you decide on the details for the getaway, draw your ideas back to the bride and their personality traits to determine if you truly think it’s something they will appreciate. For instance, if they’re not a fan of alcohol, you could buy non-alcoholic drinks, or perhaps even go for a no drinking weekend. If they’re a vegan, opt for restaurants that will have a lot of choices for them to choose from.

When the details have been planned, alert everyone on WhatsApp and the bride to be’s partner, so they know the kind of places you will be visiting, the amount of spending money they’ll need and what clothes to pack.

With creating the perfect secret getaway being a large and sometimes stressful task, try to keep the pressure off by seeking support from the bachelorette party guest list, planning and booking the location in advance and keeping the details affordable and simple. With you going to all of this effort to create something remarkable, the bride to be is bound to appreciate your effort above everything else. Good luck!

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