How to Stop Eating Sugar: Tips for Fighting Candy Cravings

Eating too much sugar is extremely bad for you, so say studies from UCSF, Harvard, and a host of other scientific research. But what can you do when that craving for a piece of cake, candy, or a can of Coke hits so hard, it’s unbearable? Well, you’ll need to use substitute foods and find ways to give in but minimize the damage to your health. However, the best way to go is to change your diet in a way that will help you reduce sugar cravings naturally.

5 Tips to Fight Sugar Cravings Without Making Yourself Miserable

1.      Give in wisely

Sometimes you can just give in and allow yourself that bit of chocolate or favorite candy. However, be smart about it and restrict these breaks in your ‘no sugar spell’ to some very special occasions. It’ll be best to have a list so you aren’t as tempted to consider every day a special occasion.

You should also limit the intake of the sweet to the minimum, and make it healthier is possible. For example, if you crave chocolate, dip fruits in melted chocolate or add a spoonful of chocolate chips into your trail mix or morning oatmeal. The point is to make the biggest part of the meal/snack something healthy with the candy you’re craving only adding some flavor to it.

2.      Control your blood sugar levels

When your blood sugar drops, you do not simply get hungry, you start craving sweets. Therefore, one of the best methods of how to stop eating sugar is to ensure your blood glucose levels remain even.

You can do this by eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day as well as using different techniques to manage your hunger. For example, you can fill your diet with natural appetite suppressants. This will allow you to prevent cravings for any food, candy included. Note that dark bitter chocolate is one of the most effective appetite suppressants. Therefore, eating a slice will allow you to both stave off hunger pangs and satisfy your desire for chocolaty goods.

However, avoid caffeine as it causes your blood glucose levels to crash after the stimulant boost it provides wears off.

3.      Eat fruits

Fruits also contain sugars, but the kind they have is more health-friendly. Therefore, when your desire for sweets gets too much, try to fight sugar cravings with a slice of juicy mango or some strawberries.

But remember that dried fruits contain a lot more sugar than their fresh counterparts, especially the types that are dipped in syrup. Be sure to study labels on any fruit snacks you consider eating.

4.      Walk it off (or work it out)

One of the healthiest ways to fight sugar cravings is to exercise instead. This won’t curb the desire for candy directly, like eating a fruit would. However, exercise will take your mind off it and release endorphins that will make you feel great and forget all about that unhealthy treat.

Even a short walk will help, especially if it takes you away from stores filled with temptation to a market with healthy and fresh produce.

5.      Sleep well

Irregular sleep schedule and long hours increase insulin resistance, which essentially means that your blood glucose levels need to go through the roof to actually make your body recognize them. Hence, the craving for the sweetest things.

Normalize your sleep schedule to not only fight sugar cravings but also protect your heart and brain.

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