How to Tackle Acne from all Angles

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Acne can be infuriating. You buy all the right products, have all the right beauty treatments, yet pimples still plague your face! What’s a girl to do? 

It turns out, there’s so much more to acne than skincare. Yes, there are some amazing acne products out there that can make a huge difference. But there’s so much more you can do to clear your skin up. Let’s take a look at some of your options. 

Eating right

Everyone knows that eating loads of veg and drinking plenty of water is key to a glowing complexion. But it actually goes deeper than that, too. Any food that can spike your blood sugar could cause you to break out. This is because these foods cause more inflammation in the body and can lead to excessive oil production. That’s why your dermatologist will tell you to steer clear of processed foods. But did you know that sugar, gluten, and dairy are all foods linked to inflammation? See how much you can cut these foods and drinks out of your diet, and the effect this has on your skin. If you do this over a few weeks, you could take photos or make notes to compare any differences in your skin. 

Digestive health 

You can eat all the right things, but if your gut isn’t healthy, you might not see results. If your intestines are inflamed (something referred to as leaky gut syndrome), your undigested food can start to leak out into your bloodstream and cause breakouts. If you have hormonal acne, some doctors now think digestive issues can aggravate this. Some people turn to probiotics, high fiber foods, or even apple cider vinegar to improve their digestion. But before you try anything, you should probably consult a doctor. A digestive health clinic can help diagnose any problems with your gut and suggest the best course of action. 


Many of us with acne head to the doctor for some pills. Some women find that birth control pills can help clear up their skin, but this can take you back to square one when you eventually come off them. Many acne sufferers swear by Accutane, which you can get only via prescription. According to dermatologists, the effects are much more long-lasting. Still, whatever course of action you choose to take, you’ll want to do proper research first and look into any side effects. 


There are a whole host of different acne treatments out there promising to release you from your skin woes. They won’t all be suitable for everyone, but they might be worth looking into. LED therapy uses light to replenish the skin and reduce inflammation, while laser treatment is also a very popular choice. Some people prefer micro-needling, which is more commonly found in a beauty salon. 


Some people find that working up a sweat clears their skin up. Exercise improves complexion by reducing stress, which can trigger hormonal acne. Working out also boosts the blood flow to your skin, while sweating can also help to flush out your pores. Just make sure to shower and cleanse, tone and moisturize after your workout for the best results. 

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