Five Uses For Strobe Cream (Or Strobe Liquid!)




I am often asked questions on Twitter and this was a good one. Since I have not declared my love for Strobe Cream on my blog, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and answer the question, and declare my love for MAC Strobe Cream.

asked on twitter

Strobe Cream is produced by MAC Cosmetics. It is a luminizer and moisturizer with ingredients like green tea to energize the de-stress the skin leaving a pearlescent finish behind. Strobe cream is thicker than the liquid, the liquid is more versatile you can mix it effortlessly.

If you are feeling dead, put on a little Strobe Cream and no one will be able to tell you feel crappy, because your skin will look great! Here are a few uses for Strobe Cream:

  • Mix it with your foundation for a killer tinted moisturizer (the strobe liquid is easier to use in this case because it is thinner
  • Highlight the bridge of your nose and cheeks
  • Mix with your moisturizer for no makeup days and an extra boost of moisture
  • Mix with primer to refine pores and luminize
  • Apply it to your body to luminize

Strobe Cream is one of my must have products. I seriously cannot live without this stuff, especially when I am having a bad day or I have not had enough sleep.

Strobe Cream retails for $31 for the 1.7oz bottle. I opted for the smaller travel sized bottle, so I can take it anywhere with me. It is $15 for the 1oz tube. Also, be on the lookout for the new gold Strobe Liquid in the temperature rising collection.



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2 thoughts on “Five Uses For Strobe Cream (Or Strobe Liquid!)

  1. Rosie Areola

    Hmph, interesting. I don’t own it but will be using some of the suggestions with my liquid illuminators/luminziers.


  2. Jocelyn E. McElrath

    I’ve had the strobe cream forever now. I always used it combined with moisturizer and under concealer. I never knew the other ways to use it.


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