I Spent 14 Days In Target Denim: Did They Make The Plus Sized Cut?

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Target Denim

Can we talk about denim for a second? I’m plus sized (obviously), wearing a size 26 in jeans. Being a size 26 means having a hard time finding jeans in my size in a retail setting. I don’t think you understand. Walking into a mass merchant retailer and picking up a pair of size 26 jeans? Impossible. Finding that pair of jeans that I could exclaim are ‘my jeans’? Not happening.

Until today, or should I say, 14 days ago. Keep reading to check out my journal on the three pairs of jeans I tried!

Mossimo Mid-Rise Jegging


I heard through the grapevine that women my size have no business wearing jeggings. I figure, if a brand makes them in my size why not? This pair was initially out of my comfort zone. Not because of the jegging style, I’ll wear a pair of leggings, jeggings or whatever with no shame. I was taken aback because they are white! As a mom of five kids, there’s something about white jeans that makes me cringe. But what the hey, I’m going to rock these! I hope they fit…

They do fit! Not only do they fit perfectly, I honestly look great in them. I was most afraid that they would be too tight around the belly, but there was a comfortable amount of room in the belly area without them sagging or buckling in the abdomen area. Be warned that I am going to get tons of use out of these jeans before Labor Day. I’m a chronic fashion rule breaker, so I just might wear them beyond the holiday 😉

Ava & Viv Mid Rise Boot Cut


Boot Cut is my everyday, go to jean. Ironically, I already own a similar pair from Ava & Viv that I adore. This jean had an excellent fit around the hip, thigh and abdomen area. This is a pair of denim that I could wear all day, every day.

Mossimo Mid-Rise Skinny



Ahhhhhhh skinny jeans!! Like jeggings, skinny jeans are something I’ve never purchased because I was always fearful of the fit. My belly is huge, and jeans that are too tight in that area means embracing my muffin top. I don’t want to embrace my muffin top, because that means having that weird lump of belly hanging over my jeans and trying to find a jacket to cover it up. Thanks to this denim, I can put the jacket away. They are comfortable in the leg and abdomen area and as an added bonus? These jeans are ripped! I haven’t owned a pair of ripped jeans since I was 14 years old. I feel young again! Bonus bonus? The cankles are covered!

Not only did Target’s new line of jeans exceed my expectations, but I got the opportunity to try something out of my comfort zone, the boot cut and embrace something new, the ripped skinny! Target helped me find jeans that fit like a dream and feel more secure and comfortable in my body. Target for the win!

Visit www.target.com/jeans and find a pair for yourself! Starting July 26, try on Target denim in store and receive $10 off.



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3 thoughts on “I Spent 14 Days In Target Denim: Did They Make The Plus Sized Cut?

  1. sandyalamode

    you look so great!! 🙂

    Sandy a la Mode


  2. Briana NailACollegeDropOut

    I’m with you all the way on the white jeans thing. I’m not a mom, but I somehow become incredibly accident prone when wearing white.
    I’ve owned one pair of white jeans in my entire life and I only wore them twice.


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