Impress the Ladies With Biceps After 40

The aging process challenges men who want to remain energetic, healthy, and active. As men get older, they lose three to five percent of muscle mass each decade. This loss of muscle leads to decreased strength and balance for everyday activities. Weight-bearing exercises may help reverse some of this decline. Men may also want to consider supplements to enhance their dietary intake of important muscle and bone-building elements.


Exercise plans for older adults need to combine safety and appropriate physical challenges. Older adults may not have the balance to attempt downhill skiing, but enjoy a gentle walk in the woods with snowshoes. Each adult is different in what activities he can enjoy. Walking and swimming are great options that minimize wear and tear on the joints. In order to gain muscle, combine these aerobic activities with gentle weight-bearing exercises such as lifting soup cans. Staying active by doing everyday household chores can provide needed exercise. Pushing a vacuum cleaner and lifting laundry baskets provide stimulation to muscles.


Creatine increases the energy available in muscle tissue. In the body, creatine participates in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the molecule that stores energy within cells. Studies suggest that creatine usage also increases muscle mass over time. For this reason, it is often included in supplements men over 40.


Protein, consisting of long chains of amino acids, forms the main building block of muscle. In order to gain more muscle, you need to consume more protein than you break down in your daily activities. If you eat a vegetarian diet, which may help lower cholesterol and fat intake, you need to eat a variety of protein-containing foods in order to obtain all amino acids. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D strengthens bones and reduces inflammation. Studies have shown that it reduces the risks of falls in elderly people. Typically, humans obtain vitamin D from fortified milk, fish, and sunlight. As people get older and more frail, they may not spend as much time outdoors and have more difficulty meeting their vitamin D needs. In fact, according to some sources, a large percentage of the population has vitamin D deficiency and require supplements. For strength and balance, include vitamin D in building muscle after 50 supplements. Growing older presents new physical challenges that men can face with exercise and carefully-chosen supplements. Consider consulting with a health care provider to determine the best healthy living strategy. With the right plan, an older man can still impress the ladies with a healthy, fit-looking, muscular body.

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