Introducing: Crest HD + Giveaway!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and contains a press sample.

One in five people avoid having their picture taken because they are self-conscious about their teeth.

That’s insane, but this does not have to be you.


Introducing Crest Pro Health HD, the daily 2-step system that offers breakthrough benefits in cleaning and whitening and gives you a 6x healthier mouth and 6x whiter teeth in just 1 week, and now it’s available at CVS.


Step 1 is the purifying cleanser. This helps strip away the plaque. You brush with this for 1 minute and spit, but do not rinse!



Step 2 is the perfecting gel that will polish and whiten your teeth.  Add this to your toothbrush and keep brushing for an additional minute, spit and rinse to reveal an HD smile.

I can admit I am very self-conscious about my smile. I am an avid coffee and tea drinker and they stain my teeth like no one’s business. I frequently visit the dentist to have my teeth cleaned, but they still have this slightly yellow tinge to them (totally not afraid to admit that). I would love to have my teeth professionally whitened, but the way my wallet is set up, and add my love of coffee and it’s just not going to work.

Crest Pro-Health HD gave me the clean feeling I crave with surprisingly whiter teeth. I saw results after one week as promised, so I’m really in love. And now I want you to fall in love too. Enter this giveaway to win your own Crest Pro Health HD set, Oral-B 3D White Pro-Flex Toothbrush PLUS a $50 CVS gift card! Enter below:

Crest HD

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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

40 thoughts on “Introducing: Crest HD + Giveaway!

  1. Lisa Brown

    i would purchase makeup


  2. KV

    I’d buy hair & makeup supplies.


  3. Alina Conn

    I’d buy makeup, deodorant and toothpaste.


  4. Colleen Boudreau

    I would buy make up.


  5. Sean

    I’d buy some hair products and nail polish.


  6. Lisa T

    I would probably get some makeup and hair products.


  7. Heather ツ

    Some of the new Milani products.


  8. Marmor

    Would buy make-up for our wedding day 🙂


  9. Christy DuBois

    I would buy makeup and nail polish. Thanks for this opportunity.


  10. latanya t

    I would get hair products and makeup


  11. Chantelle Walker

    I would probably get beauty related items 🙂


  12. Cheryl

    I would purchase groceries.


  13. Olivia

    I would buy makeup!


  14. Nikki

    I would purchase makeup and haircare products. Thanks!


  15. AmandaSakovitz

    id buy makeup!


  16. Kristen

    I’d purchase shampoo and conditioner.


  17. Hasani

    Beauty items!


  18. susitravl

    Laundry Soap, Moroccan Oil, Candy


  19. PrettyLittleLiar412

    I would buy some new shampoo and conditioner from Paul Mitchell or comparable….and some makeup 🙂


  20. Kim Henrichs

    I would get some travel goodies for vacation


  21. Rosie

    I would buy up some of the foods on sale, the soups, etc., and then also stock up on detergent!


  22. Allison Downes

    I would get makeup and hair care products.

    Thank you for the chance to win this.


  23. Tina W

    I would buy some red wine on sale and then some Crest to get the wine stains off my teeth!!!


  24. Elle

    I would buy health and beauty items like makeup and lotion.


  25. Michelle Salais

    I would probably buy cleaning products or beauty products.


  26. Laurajj Jacobson

    I would love to buy a new skin care line to try! I have not been happy with mine, and its one of my New Years resolutions to find one that will work great for my skin! Gets so dry during these cold winter months.


  27. gtpgirl19

    I would buy Health and Beauty Aids and some Toiletries.


  28. Chelsea E.

    I would by some toiletries and spoil myself to some new makeup! 🙂


  29. Thomas Murphy

    I would buy cleaning supplies.


  30. Leah

    I’d stock up on birthday cards for people and some skincare products for me!


  31. Megan Glazer

    I would pamper myself with some new makeup!


  32. Anne Marie Arson

    I’d stock up on new foundation and dog treats!
    I have the worst luck matching foundation to my skintone. Everything liquid seems to change after I put it on my face.
    So yes, some new foundations for me to try and a whole bunch of beggin’ strips for my pups!


  33. Mike M

    Hiking gear!


  34. Marilyn Nawara

    I would use it to buy new make-up and face cream


  35. Susan Pertierra

    I would buy cosmetics, toothpaste and hair care products.


  36. Alona Young

    I would definitely get some nail polish, lip crayons and some shampoo and conditioner.


  37. KalonKlaxon

    As if I didn’t have enough makeup, I’d totally use this to buy foundation, eye shadow and eye liner. Maybe some vitamins, too, but I’d rather use it for fun stuff. =D


  38. Mary W

    I would buy new Crest toothbrushes and toothpaste for the whole family.


  39. Rachel Beltz

    I would buy a new face wash, some eyeshadow, and maybe a nail polish or two!


  40. Diana Devlin

    I’m a big fan of CeraVe products so I’d restock my favorites – cleanser and AM & PM moisturizers, and I’d purchase their 4 newest releases


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