Introducing Cutex Twister + Target Launch + Giveaway!


Cutex®, the leading provider of nail care since 1911, is coming to a Target near you!  Beginning in March, four of the top-selling Cutex® nail polish removers will find a place in the beauty aisles of Target stores nationwide. Also included in this introduction is a new Cutex product: a brand new, first of its kind, instant nail polish remover for 2015, Cutex® Twister® with SPA Formula.



Cutex Twister combines the Spa Formula that I love so much, with a built-in sponge AND brush for use with hard to remove polishes including gel and glitter. Insert your finger into the sponge area for regular polish, and insert your finger into the Twister for harder to remove gels and glitters. Nails are left hydrated with a fresh citrus scent! Not bad for an acetone polish.

Also coming to Target shelves is:


Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover, which features Cutex’s unique formula of acetone with nourishing oils from apricot seed, flax seed and the perilla plant.


Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads, handy felt pads that are perfect for travel. One pad cleans 10 fingers or toes, and they are TSA approved!



Spa Formula Nail Polish Remover, great for hard to remove gels and glitters.



Cutex Regular Nail Polish Remover, which is the regular formula that combines acetone with enriching emollients to help retain moisture, making nails stronger and more flexible.

Now I want to giveaway an entire set to one lucky winner! Plus I threw in like 6 bottles of nail polish. Yay!!

Giveaway ends 3/13/2015, USA only. Enter using the widget below 🙂 Good luck!


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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

49 thoughts on “Introducing Cutex Twister + Target Launch + Giveaway!

  1. cmj304

    A sally hansen gel polish


  2. Heather ツ

    Essie’s LuxEffects.


  3. Denisse

    Pure Ice in Spit Fire


  4. Chass

    A glitter from the Nicki Minaj OPI collection (I believe)


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      Probably Save Me, I have trouble with that one as well.


  5. M. Battles

    My 24 karat glitter by A Girl’s Obsession, and my wet n wild glitter but they are too pretty not to wear.


  6. ♥Nancy♥

    I have an Etoile polish with diamond dust that is difficult to remove.


  7. Sean

    I have a Revlon glitter polish that takes me forever to remove.


  8. Alina Conn

    My Essie purple, PLAY DATE (color name) polish. I love the color but it’s somewhat difficult to remove.


  9. Mary Elizabeth

    I have an OPI blue glitter from the Alice in Wonderland collection that is so much fun but so hard to remove!


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      Absolutely Alice, gorgeous color but yes, the glitter is an extreme pain to remove!


  10. Malaika

    There’s a matte navy from OPI that’s really difficult to remove but it’s one of my favorites.


  11. Courtney

    Anytime I use glitter on top of my nails it is always harder to remove with just regular polish 🙂


  12. Tanya

    Finny Power Lasting Nail Enamel


  13. Brandi H

    Anything glitter is hellacious to remove


  14. Lisa T

    Any very dark shade or any with glitter are always tough to remove.


  15. Jennifer Reed

    I had a glitter polish in my stash at one time that was impossible to remove. I never wore it again. Too much trouble.


  16. latanya t

    any glitter nail polish


  17. Nicole Jackson

    Can’t wait to try it on a glitter polish.


  18. Mary W

    I have some glitter polishes that are heavily glittered ( is that even a word?). Those polishes are a booger to get off.


  19. Tiffany

    So need this for the gel manicures I always get:)


  20. Patricia Brousseau Caradonna

    Dark colors with glitter are the hardest nail polish for me to remove.


  21. Susan Pertierra

    The glitter ones are difficult to remove, especially China Glaze.


  22. Christy DuBois

    I honestly couldn’t tell you which of my polishes are the most difficult to remove because I have accrylic overlays and my polish lasts until I go for a fillin and the man that does the fill in removes my polish. However my daughters have never complained about one being any harder than the other to remove.


  23. Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    All the heavy glitters are the worst to remove. I love those spongey remover tubs. Lazy girls answer to np removal!


  24. shaunie

    I would have to say Sinful Colors Professional Nail polish is the hardest.


  25. Nancy De la Roca

    All of my glitter polishes


  26. Guest

    dark colors & of course the glitter ones


  27. amiko

    dark colors & the glitter ones

    Posted as: Maria C.


  28. Jennifer Essad

    Matte nail polish for me


  29. Ruth

    Glitters are always hard to remove but not with a peel-off base 😉


  30. Pam V H

    I have a peachy metallic polish that always wants to stick at the sides.


  31. Megan Glazer

    OPI Liquid Sands!


  32. Cindi

    Chunky glitter polishes are the hardest to get off and some reds stain during removal.


  33. Miss Karen

    The hardest polish for me to remove is glitter polish and sometimes darker shades that are very pigmented. Also, some polishes stain your nails no matter what base coat you use.


  34. Alona Young

    I have a few indie glitters that have huge circle glitters in them, they are so hard to get off!


  35. Chelsea E.

    Chunky glitter! They drive me nuts!


  36. Zoey

    I have a color called Jawbreaker that is impossible to get off!


  37. Alison H

    Definitely anything with chunky glitter, like Zoya’s pixie dusts. I love the matte glitter look but it’s such a pain to remove!


  38. Laurie Murley

    anything that has any thing added to the polish


  39. MelodyJ

    It has to be glitter.


  40. gmoney222

    LOVE glitter polish but it is hell to get off


  41. Paula Headley Hawn

    All things needed when doing a manicure…… it! Thanks for the opportunity.


  42. Sarah Watkins

    Essies set in stones


  43. Misti

    Any chunky/loaded glitter polish is very difficult to remove, but still love the way it looks!


  44. Kim - Lacquered Geek

    I have tons and tons of glitters, and they are pretty hard to get off! I’d say any of my Nerd Lacquers are the toughest!


  45. Veronica Torres

    all glitters… worth the trouble 🙂


  46. Rachel Beltz

    Honestly, just anything with flaky glitter.. always worth the effort though.. how could I resist glittery nail polish hah!


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