Introducing ‘A Scar Free Me’- An Acne Scar Resource Website

a scar free me

You have the acne, you have the scars. But what you may not have is resources, advice and support. Yes, some beauty blogs give beauty information and tips and acne and acne scars, but there’s nothing like getting resources from a group of well seasoned dermatologists.

A Scar Free Me,, officially launched today in the United States. This is a new online social community dedicated to helping people who suffer from scarring associated with acne. The website features free resources and educational insights for coping with the physical and emotional impacts of acne scarring, from available treatment options to expert advice for improving self-esteem.

Acne scars are disfiguring and can make sufferers feel isolated, ashamed, or embarrassed,” said Dr. Ruth Tedaldi, a sought-after dermatologist affiliated with Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Massachusetts, a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, and an expert contributor to “‘A Scar Free Me’ provides a supportive community committed to helping people find solutions for treating and coping with acne scars with a one-stop online hub.

Features of include:

  • Acne Resource Library: an online index with information on treatment options and understanding how and why scars occur
  • Videos: real people talking about the visual and emotional scars that acne leaves behind
  • Confidence Corner: the official blog of
  • Ask the Expert: visitors can consult directly with skin care and self-esteem experts
  • Community Message Board: an open forum for users to comment and share experiences

“No one should feel less worthy because of their acne scars,” said Joan Breiner, Vice President of the National Association for Self-Esteem and resident expert. “At ‘A Scar Free Me,’ we are dedicated to releasing the hurt associated with scars and empowering people to build a positive self-image.”

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  1. Introducing ‘A Scar Free Me’- An Acne Scar Resource Website

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